Lori Fogler Nicholson
I recently graduated from college at the age of 52 and enjoyed every moment of the experience! My biggest concern regarding education is that we are enforcing a one size fits all model which is bound to diminish the future success of many students. What about the vocational fields and industrial arts?  I also wonder why we focus so little on inspiring the entrepreneural spirit in children especially in this global economy. Not every child is destined for college and we need to find what excites them if they are to become productive citizens. Internships are a great way of doing just that. For example: we have numerous marina's in Branford and the marine industry offers many opportunities for students whose passion is boats.We will always need people to repair our boats, build our homes , fix our plumbing and get the lights working. Internships for those with no desire or aptitude for college might be a step in the right direction. Let's partner business with academics and get every child an education that will last a lifetime.
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