Greg Conlan
I am a 24-year Boston Firefighter.
My resume with the Boston Fire Department includes. Certified Haz-Mat Tech, former EMT, a FF Instructor 1, I have worked in the Emergency Management Division/ Homeland Security and Special Operations Divisions. I've trained FF's in the use of Tunnel Rescue Breathing Apparatus /Technical Rescue and Haz-Mat Operations. I was also a trained member of Boston's short lived USAR team.  I am currently assigned to Rescue 2 in the Roxbury section of Boston. My Interests start with my family and include fighting fires, sports, photography,being a good neighbor and Severe Weather. I am a Storm Enthusiast who has been documenting Severe Weather for over 35 years. I have 1 of the most advanced Radars (GR2Analyst) available to the Weather Community. This Radar is used by Dr. Greg Forbes on the Weather Channel and has the ability to look at Radar in 3D. I have documented over 470 images from Tornadoes in 3D in 2011 and hundreds more in 2012. Including Raleigh NC, Birmingham Al, Denning Ok. and Springfield Ma. to just name a few. You can find me Tweeting about Severe Weather at @R2_SNEWeather and Fire Emergencies on Twitter at @BOSTON_FF_R2.
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