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The Harvest At Bauer Park Is Well On Its Way

We visited the Community Gardens at Bauer Park recently and found that the summer harvest is well on its way. We also learned a thing or two from the experienced gardeners we met there.

Bruce Joslyn told us that community gardeners had been donating their surplus crops to the Madison Food Panty and had donated more than 200 pounds of fresh vegetables in a recent week.

We also learned that Bruce had success by spraying a biological control called Bt or Bacillus thuringiensis on his crops to control leaf eating caterpillars while maintaining the all organic status of his garden.

We found Jerry Graminski pinching the tops off his basil. A technique he told us would stimulate the basil to continue to produce new leaves throughout its season.

Jerry Talyor was out making a good effort to stay ahead of the weeds and appeared to be winning the battle.

Tomatoes, squash, beets and other vegtables appeared to be well on the way to a successful harvest along with a variety of flowers grown just to be a treat for the eyes.  Except of course for marigolds we found that also did the work of repelling insects.

Vincent Diglio August 02, 2011 at 10:50 AM
There are a group of gardeners (Madison Looks After Its Own) who donate the produce that they wouldn't be able to use. This produce is washed and cleaned and then placed in a shed in coolers from Sunday to Tuesday at 12PM. The produce is picked up by MCS Food Pantry volunteers on Tuesday afternoon and brought to the pantry to be distributed to the clients. This project is spearheaded by Paul and JoAnn Stonehart. They were instrumental in placing the shed near the parking area to make it more accessible for the gardeners to drop off their excess produce. For the past two weeks this group has donated close to 400 lbs of fresh produce.


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