Discovering The True Aloha Spirit

It's more than simply a greeting, it's a way of life

The True Aloha Spirit

We all know that Aloha is the Hawaiian greeting. As we stepped off the airplane into Hawaii, sweating with the many layers of clothing we needed in Anchorage, we heard Aloha greetings from the airport workers. Making our way to claim our baggage there were more shouts of Aloha from taxi drivers and shopkeepers. Aloha was shared back and forth throughout the night as we visited the shops that lined the streets of Waikiki. And to us, on the crowded streets of Waikiki, Aloha truly meant hello.

But it wasn't until we came to The Big Island that we understood the true meaning of Aloha. Our first night on The Big Island was spent with Smitty and Kapalili.  They embodied the Spirit of Aloha. It's more than simply a greeting, it's a way of life. On The Big Island, it may have started and ended with Smitty and Kapalili, but it was found all over.

Aloha was the moment Smitty and Kapalili opened their doors to us on their 28th wedding anniversary and allowed us to feel at home in their home.

Aloha was Linda and Tony sharing a bottle of wine with us as the sun set over the ocean.

Aloha was Zach, spending his day off to explore with us.

Aloha was Laura, inviting us into her home after seeing us stranded on the side of a dark road, wondering which way to go.

Aloha was Michael, offering us a cool drink and a warm meal when we were hungry.

Aloha was Tommy, picking us up and finding us a place to stay after we found our campground closed.

Aloha was Pablo and Tatiana, meeting us at the bottom of a hill to climb back up it with us.

And again, Aloha was Smitty and Kapalili taking time out of their Saturday to take us to the airport.

Aloha.  Welcome.  Love.  Sharing.  Life.

However you describe it, we found it. And when we found it, we realized we've seen it before. In California. In Arizona. In North Carolina. In Virginia. In Connecticut. In Colorado. In Alaska. We've found Aloha everywhere this year and though our trip is coming to an end, we are excited to continue spreading the Aloha Spirit.


Adam and Christy reached their goal of more than $25,000. They will continue to accept donations until they fly home on 12/1/11. 50 States! Over 12,000 Miles! Over $25,000 Raised! Congratulations to Adam and Christy and the great causes they are supporting. To find out more, check out their blog or their Facebook page.

marie bossin November 22, 2011 at 01:30 AM
Great article and fitting, as you show us yet again what a beautiful country we live in.


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