Santa Arrives Early At Madison Food Pantry

Thank you DHHS, Grace Church, St. Andrew's, First Congregational Church, Janet, Eileen, Newcomers Club, Sandra, Ezia, Stop & Shop, Cumby's, Robert's, Cohen's, N2N and Subway.


By Vinny Diglio

Madison Community Services Food Pantry Report December 7, 2011

Thank you DHHS Junior Class Officers and Faculty Advisors, Grace Church, St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, First Congregational Church, Janet, Eileen, Newcomers Club, Sandra, Ezia, Stop & Shop, Cumby's, Robert's, Cohen's, N2N and Subway.

Total number of clients - 98 (11 Homebound)

Total weight out - 3,550 lbs.

Total weight in - 4,551 lbs.

 Total food donated - 3,641 lbs.

 Total food purchased - 870 lbs.

Santa arrived early at the MCS Food Pantry in the form of the DHHS Junior Class Donation of 3,257 lbs. The faculty advisors, class officers, parents and members of the Junior Class transported, date checked and shelved all the food on Tuesday afternoon. . Also, Father Steve Domienik of St. Andrew's Episcopal Church presented MCS Food Pantry with a check for $1,000 and First Congregational Church donated $924 from their monthly collection. MCS Food Pantry has benefitted from the generosity of the Madison residents and religious organizations during this Holiday Season.

MCS, Inc. received a $1,000 from Grace Church and another $1,000 from the Madison Lion's Club for the Holiday Baskets. The Lion's Club should also be recognized for their generous contribution of $1,000 for every holiday baskets.


St. Andrew's Episcopal Church - $1,000

The First Congregational Church $ 924

DHHS Junior Class - 3,257 lbs.

Stop & Shop - 230 lbs. of meat

Cumby's - 17 lbs of pastries

Robert's - 44 lbs of pastries and breads

Cohen's - 18 lbs of bagels

Subway - 2 lbs of bread

Grace Church - 13 lbs

Newcomers Club - 17 lbs of Depends

Janet Rood - 12 lbs of food

Eileen McCarthy - 9 lbs of food

Ezia Leach - 10 lbs of food

Sandra Stella - 12 lbs of food

N2N - personal care items

Thank you to all the residents, organizations (religious and civic) for their generosity during this Holiday Season.



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