More Than 13,000 Pounds Of Food Distributed In November

Thanks to Ron, Sandy, Nick, Ann & Bill, Joe, Cumby's, Starbucks, Stop & Shop, Robert's, Cohen's, Subway, Christ Chapel, Grace Community, N2N and Clarity Software Solutions.

By Vinny Diglio

Madison Community Services Food Pantry Weekly/Monthly Report

 This week the pantry had 81 client: 12 Homebound and 2 new clients.

Total weight distributed: 2,470 lbs.

Total weight in : 4,362 lbs.

Total weight donated: 1,442 lbs.

Total weight purchased: 941 lbs.

In the month of November, the total weight distributed was 13,580 lbs. of food to an average of 86 clients per week. That weight equates to 10,446 meals. 66% were adults, 28% were children and 6% were Seniors.

Every week there are individuals, organizations and businesses that contribute to MCS Food Pantry. This week Stop & Shop gave an abundant amount of meat and meat products. The amount was so large that we were unable to store all of it in our freezer. The total amount of the donation was 931 lbs. We would like to thank all of the Stop & Shop staff for their assistance in their weekly donations.


Christ Chapel - 46 lbs. of food

Grace Community - 29 lbs. of food

Clarity Software Solutions, Inc. - 175 lbs. of food

Stop & Shop - 931 lbs. of meat

Cumby's - 26 lbs. of pastries

Starbuck's - 27 lbs. of pastries and food

Robert's - 34 lbs. of breads

Cohen's Bagels - 39 lbs. of bagels

Subway - 14 lbs. of bread

Sandy Stella -  19 lbs. of personal care items

Ron Hicks - 22 lbs. of food

Nick Afragola - 25 lbs. of food

Joe Burbela - 26 lbs. of food

Ann & Bill Clemmons - 29 lbs. of food

N2N - personal care items

Thank you to the residents, organizations and businesses for their generosity.

Madison Community Services, Inc. is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) compliant organization, independent of the Town of Madison, CT. Since its formation in 1930, this charitable association has provided various services and assistance without charge to residents of Madison. Our annual fund raising campaign provides the principle funding along with contributions from local organizations, bequests, commemorative gifts and grants.

Robin Matterfis December 01, 2011 at 05:17 PM
The families from THE MONTESSORI SCHOOL OF MADISON donated 160 pounds of food this year!
Cathy Marsh Photography December 01, 2011 at 06:59 PM
What is the difference between an adult and a senior-- in terms of age. I suppose I thought the % of seniors would be higher, so I suspect that the need is Mom's with kids?? Might you suggest that a Senior is 62+?? Thanks


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