Extensive Parent Support System Offered By Madison Youth & Family Services

Make new friends, make sure parenting skills keep pace with change.

By Jan Hunter

With Irene behind us, the kids are now back in school and becoming more active in academics, the arts, sports, and other extracurricular activities ... along with a bit of time management, as they learn to get themselves out the door on time. They’re making new friends, growing into their new ages and their new grades.

How about you?

Maybe you counted on classes and books to guide you through pregnancy and the early years.  If you’re lucky, you have extended family nearby and a solid network of friends in the area.  Maybe some of those friends even have children the ages of yours—and a bit older.  You’re sharing experiences and great parenting skills. You see what’s ahead and are preparing your children and yourselves.  You’re keeping conversations open and laying a solid foundation, ensuring that your children will stay safe and well grounded.

Madison Youth & Family Resources remarkable resource in Madison

But who knows what’s really ahead?  And what if you don’t yet have those friends?  Or simply want a wider network of friends? What if you need a sounding board?  If you want a way to ensure that your parenting skills are keeping pace, get to know more about Madison Youth & Family Services, a remarkable resource in Madison.  Here’s a quick heads up about an upcoming two-evening workshop and three ongoing groups, particularly useful to parents with middle schoolers on up. 

Are your kids ready?  Are you?

Almost no matter what their age, your children are changing fast, and they’re experiencing new circumstances and issues all the time. Got middle schoolers?

Times Change helps parents with middler schoolers

Come to the Powder House (by the Town Green, between Memorial Town Hall and MY&FS) and join other parents for Times Change, a two-evening workshop built around skills that will help you and your children navigate the middle school years.

With an investment of ten dollars (total) and two Wednesday evenings (October 12 and 19 from 7:00 to 8:30 PM) you’ll find yourself better prepared as your children whirl through the roller coaster years of middle school. For more info and to reserve your spot, call MY&FS at 203-245-5676—and soon, for space is limited.

The Powder House is also the site of three ongoing, confidential, and educational gatherings for parents. 

Parents of Tweens groups helps parents with children ages 11 to 14

In the Parents of Tweens group, parents will learn more about the physical, emotional, social, and academic changes that children face in the years from 11 to 14.

Guest speakers will provide current information on early adolescence; parents will also explore issues through literature and other media, and in group-wide discussions.

The Parents of Tweens group will meets on the first and third Tuesday of every month, following the academic calendar.  These facilitated meetings are held from 12 noon to 1:30 PM at the Powder House on the Green.  Parents are encouraged to come with their questions, their humor, and their lunches. There is an annual fee of $20.00 for parent participation.

Got teenagers? MY&FS has you covered

What if you’ve got teenagers?  MY&FS has that covered, too.  The Parents of Teens group is designed to help parents of high school students learn about and grow into the challenges ahead.  And make no mistake:  there will be challenges.

Even under the best of circumstances, the teen years are full of change and hard work, for teens, for parents, and for families.  This educational, confidential group will help you stay ahead of the curve in your ever-evolving roles as parents. 

Learn techniques and strategies that will enhance your relationships with your teens. Polish your parenting skills so you can best help your teens grow toward independence and avoid obstacles that might derail them and erode trust (theirs and yours). Learn how to keep the lines of communication open so they’ll hear you when they need you the most, even as they seem to be pushing you away.

The Parents of Teens group meets in the Powder House from 9:30 to 11 AM on the second and fourth Thursday of every month, following the academic calendar. There is an annual fee of $20.00 for participation.

Parents of Teens and Beyond helps with transitions after high school

And if you have a child out of high school?  There’s a group for that. If your teens are in the process of transitioning from high school to the stages ahead, Parents of Teens and Beyond is a supportive and educational group for you.

Whether your older teen is searching for work or already working, moving out, or in college, the military, or something entirely different, this group will help you through yet another stage of parenting and the continuing process of letting go.

Thanks to Irene, notice of the first meeting for Parents of Teens and Beyond was limited.  A second meeting is scheduled for October 5th from 7 to 8:30 PM at the Powder House.  Join the group then for support and information as you and your teen move beyond the high school years.  The fee for the initial meeting is $5.00. With sufficient interest, additional monthly meetings will be scheduled for 7:00 to 8:30 PM on the first Wednesdays of the month; the fee will be supplemented at that time.

The MY&FS website is being updated, so for more information and to be put on the email list for the workshop or any of these groups, please contact the group facilitator, Marj Adler, LPC/PSC, at adlerm@madisonct.org or 203-245-5676.    If the fee would keep you from coming to any of these programs, just let Marj know.



Lynda Montesi September 23, 2011 at 05:54 PM
Madison Youth & Family Services is a wonderful outlet for parents. I especially want to acknowledge Marj Adler for her expertise in handling the different situations that arise with our tweens..Her tween meetings are especially helpful for those of us going through the ups and downs and emotional rollercoaster of our soon to be teenagers. Marj is always there to lend advice and listen to our needs as parents...she is a wonderful resourse for parents and for Madison. Lynda Montesi


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