Dog Park Planning Underway (With Poll)

Volunteers creating area at Bauer Park for pooches.


Work is underway to create a dog park, the first of its kind for the town, at Bauer Park, according to an article in The New Haven Register.

Already, in the area, there are dog meet-ups, where dog owners can go to designated locations, and let their pets romp off-lease, but this would be the first time that an area would be designated in town to allow pets to run off-leash legally. Last year, the town revised its ordinances to make leash laws more clear and to help keep dogs off of town beaches and out of town park picnic areas.

Linda La Bella Paré, a Madison Patch reader, said on Facebook that her family frequented a dog park in Middlefield last summer. "It is really nice because they have two separate areas, one for smaller dogs and one for larger dogs. It is up in the woods around Lake Beseck," she said. "They have water for the dogs too.It actually started out as a boy scout project. Maybe we can do that and look at some of the fundraising they did. http://middlefielddogpark.com/Facts.aspx."

To find out how to get involved with the Madison dog park project and help, call 203-245-5613.

Martha February 03, 2012 at 02:00 PM
I like both ideas -- leave Bauer Park as an open dog-walking area, and add a fenced-in dog play area at Griswold. This would be a nice option for dogs that don't necessarily come when called.
Ann September 18, 2012 at 01:22 PM
The problem with your remark is that it does not work for people who have dogs that don't like to be jumped on by other dogs. It does not work for children in the park and many owners think their dogs are compliant when they are not. Also it is a State and town ordinance and it puts the town in a terrible situation if something does happen, even a small scratch by an unleashed dog. You are incorrect in saying that most people clean up after their dogs, they don't. It has never been Ok by the Town or Bauer Park to walk dogs unleashed, people just ignore the rule. Very selfish because eventually NO dogs will be able to go to Bauer on the leash or off. It is perfectly OK to walk on a leash and put your energy into gettting a fenced dog park. Ann
CW September 18, 2012 at 02:25 PM
Dear Ann, As someone who is working on the dog park committe it would be so helpful to have people who walk their dogs at Bauer participate in the dog park meetings. Many dog walkers use bauer as a "dog park" already as you mentioned and it presents many problems for others in the park and the town of Madison. They all think their dogs would never hurt anyone or run in the road or into our park neighbor's yards but they do. I get complaints every week from people who want to enjoy the park with or with out their dogs who feel the unleashed dogs are an issue. Many people feel entitled to just do what they want regardless of others and that presents adifficult situation for those in charge. It is a State and Town Law, not just an arbitrary Bauer rule. I hope the Town can get a dog park somewhere. I know Bauer offered over 1 acre for a fenced in off leash park. This would not prevent dogs being walked on a leash in other areas of the park. I love dogs and walk my dog on her leash all over but we are always having to deal with other dogs running up to us and their owners being oblivious to their dog's actions. Wouldn't be nice if these dog owners participated in the dog park fund raising? The opition that Liz Oswald mentioned isn't an option. There is no plan to let dogs run free at Bauer over the whole property, it has never been allowed.
Ann September 18, 2012 at 02:49 PM
If you want to let your dog run free do it on your own property! If you don't have a yard don't get a big dog or walk them on a leash on public property. It is very simple unless you are an entitled idiot. ann
Donna Larkin December 05, 2012 at 11:41 PM
Imagine getting into an elevator with a bunch of total strangers in order to "socialize" with them. Now imagine how some larger breeds of dogs feel when confined to a dog park. Many breeds need to run and socialize happily doing what is natural to them. Personally, I need the exercise as much as they do and would love a larger area where we could walk off lead some where in town. Those that don't choose this should have other options, be it a dog park or elsewhere. The operative word is choices. While there are many places to walk on lead, there is no designated area I know of where we can get the exercise we need.It seems to work in Fairfield where I've had many happy times off lead with my dogs at Lake Mohegan. Signs are clearly posted so that people understand the rules. The last place I would take my dogs is a dog park; however, I would never interfere with someone else's right to enjoy one, be it at Bauer or some where else


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