Average CT Gas Prices Drop In Time For Holiday Weekend

Throughout the last week, average price statewide dropped close to four cents a gallon, WTNH reports


Maybe you noticed a little bit more cash in your wallet after filling up your gas tank this weekend, or maybe you didn't--but WTNH is reporting an average drop of four cents per gallon over the last week in gas prices across the state.

But did this affect Memorial Day weekend travel?

Visitors to didn't let gas price worries stop them from traveling to the shore in their camper. 

"We will be spending like three weeks here and then we'll head out in August and won't be out in October," New Yorker Henna Mastrobuono told WTNH. 

Other visitors to the Nutmeg state, The Grimes, who traveled up the coast from Georgia, told WTNH that the prices rose consecutively as they traveled north, noting that they paid $3.75 in Connecticut. 

"That's the most expensive," Debbie Grimes told WTNH.


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