Want to See How Madison Schools Stack Up Against Others in the State?

A new state database tracks public school performances.


Ever wonder how Madison schools stack up to others in the state? Now, that information is available at your fingertips. 

The state Department of Education has launched an online database to provide information to parents and other public school stakeholders on school performance.  For each public school in Connecticut, the website provides parents and educators with two important pieces of data, both central to Connecticut’s new school accountability and support system: the School Performance Index (or “SPI”) and the graduation rate (for high schools).

“The state’s new school accountability and support framework enables more precise, more helpful snapshots of school performance,” Connecticut Commissioner of Education Stefan Pryor states in a news release. “By heralding schools making significant progress and highlighting schools in need of greater support, the system will also help districts and the state focus our efforts where they are needed most.”

A school’s SPI—an average of student performance in all tested grades and subjects for a given school—allows for the evaluation of school performance across all tested grades, subjects and performance levels on the Connecticut Mastery Test (CMT) and Connecticut Academic Performance Test (CAPT).  The SPI and graduation rates are among the inputs for the new school classifications – including Schools of Distinction, Turnaround Schools, Focus Schools, and Review Schools – announced by the Connecticut State Department of Education last week.

The state provides the following information for Madison schools for the CMT:





(2009-10) SPI
(2010-11) SPI
(2011-12) Baseline SPI
(3-yr avg.) SPI target
(2012-2013) DR. ROBERT H. BROWN 100.0% 94.2 94.6 96.0 94.9 Maintain ISLAND AVENUE ELEM 100.0% 92.2 94.1 95.0 93.8 Maintain J MILTON JEFFREY 100.0% 93.0 93.7 93.5 93.4 Maintain KATHLEEN H RYERSON 100.0% 94.5 95.6 93.8 94.6 Maintain WALTER C POLSON MS 100.0% 95.6 94.3 95.0 95.0 Maintain

 The website provides the following information about the CAPTs


School Participation
(2011-2012) SPI
(2009-10) SPI
(2010-11) SPI
(2011-12) Baseline SPI
(3-year avg.) SPI performance target
(2012-13) DANIEL HAND HS 100.0% 90.3 90.9 96.0 92.4 Maintain

The website also names Madison as a School of Distinction in several categories including "highest performing subgroup--reduced priced meals," and "highest overall performance," the latter for Brown School, Island Avenue Elementary, and Polson Middle School.

Additional information can be obtained by going to the website as this link: https://state2.measinc.com/ct/micpi/

The use of the SPI and graduation rates in the state’s new school accountability and support system was enabled by Connecticut’s successful federal application for a waiver from certain aspects of No Child Left Behind (NCLB).  The new system improves upon NCLB’s less flexible approach by incorporating student growth and performance across all levels (rather than merely tracking the percentage of students scoring at the proficient level, an approach that masked school progress with students at other performance levels); integrating Science and Writing (rather than merely focusing on Mathematics and Reading); and raising expectations for schools to address achievement gaps between students subgroups. 

The CMT test is administered to school children in grades 3 to 8 and tests students in the areas of Mathematics, Reading, Writing and Science (grades 5 and 8 only). The CAPT test is administered in the 10th grade and tests Mathematics, Reading, Writing and Science subject areas. 

As an example, if a school has an SPI of 33, then on average, its students are performing at the ‘basic’ level across all tests they take.  If another school has an SPI of 67, then on average its students are performing at the ‘proficient’ level across all tests they take.  The State’s target for schools is 88 SPI points on the 0-100 index scale.  At this value students will have performed at the ‘goal’ level on the majority of tests they take (e.g., if students in a given school take three tests, on average they will have performed at the ‘goal’ level on two of the three tests and at the ‘proficient’ level on one). 

Previously under No Child Left Behind, characterizing and understanding the performance of a given school was difficult.  Earlier this year, the Connecticut State Department of Education participated in a federal application process for flexibility from certain requirements of No Child Left Behind. In May, the U.S. Department of Education approved Connecticut’s flexibility request (or waiver), allowing the State to establish a new accountability system to assess school performance. The new performance measurement system improves the State’s ability to provide more accurate and appropriate interventions, support and recognition to local schools. 

The development of the school performance reporting system is an evolving process.  Enhancements will be made in the future -- including new elements and indicators, more user friendly features, etc. The State Department of Education looks forward to engaging in continued dialogue with all stakeholders in order to refine this system, to provide improved access to high-quality information, and to produce ever better results for all students.

The above news release comes from the state Department of Education.

Gus R. Horvath December 13, 2012 at 06:50 PM
I can hardly wait for the contrived negative comments.
concerned parent December 14, 2012 at 01:46 AM
As you wish Gus... The State Board of Ed has to do something...
Gus R. Horvath December 14, 2012 at 04:17 PM
Concerned Parent, Thank you for confirming my belief in the sad state of human nature in these days of anonymous communications.


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