Parents, Now Is A Good Time To Check In With Your High School Kids About Their Grades

Check the parent portal to see how they're doing, and, even more important, talk with them about how they think they are doing. Not sure how to approach that conversation? Here are some tips ...


Daniel Hand High School students are halfway through trimester two, according to school officials. Now might be a good time to check in with students about their grades, how they are doing, and to remind them to check their schedule to see if anything has changed, school officials said in an email to parents this week.

Parents are being asked to access the parent portal to check on the grades. To find out more about how to do that, you can check out this page on the Madison Public Schools website or you can check out the PDF posted with this article.

When it comes to talking with your child about grades, here are some tips:

  • Familyeducation.com says, "Regardless of the grades your child brings home, you must first focus on positive aspects of the report. This is not always an easy task. For some parents, this might mean highlighting a strong effort or citizenship grade, or congratulating an academic accomplishment. It could mean praising a perfect attendance record or acknowledging a small improvement shown in a particular area. Starting on a positive note shows your child that you truly care about the accomplishments, not only areas that need improvement."
  • From Storknet.com: "Remember, your children are not their grades. Grades are only a partial reflection of who and what they really are, know, and are capable of becoming. Grades measure only what your child's particular school defines as smart. That narrow definition of intelligence does not measure emotional intelligence, spontaneity, integrity, trustworthiness, fortitude, sensitivity, creativity and a host of other important characteristics."
  • And, from Catlin.edu, How To Instill A Love Of Learning In Your Teen: "Acknowledging your child's hard work:  School is hard for most kids and after spending all day at school, many children have hours of homework.  Don't forget to praise your child for studying, working hard on an assignment and anytime they prioritize school over another fun activity. Learning alongside your child:  A few times a year, take the time to learn about the same topics your child is learning about.   Pick one book your child is reading in English class, read it at the same pace as your child and talk with them about their assignments in depth. The same can be done with a chapter from a history, science or economics book.

This is the information sent out from the Madison Public School System this week:

Monday, January 28 marked the midway point of trimester 2.  We encourage you to access the parent portal to monitor your child’s grades.  If you require a paper copy of your child’s grades, please contact your child’s counselor at DHHS.  As always, please feel free to contact your child’s teachers if you have concerns or questions about reported progress.

If you need information on how to access the Infinite Campus parent portal, please contact the main office at 203 245-6350.

Please remind your child to access an updated copy of their schedule as a health class may begin or their study hall may have a new location.


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