Madison Youth Drinking Alcohol and Using Marijuana Less

A lot of credit has been given to the Madison Alcohol and Drug Education Coalition.

There’s some good news in Madison involving the youth that live there. 

The number of high school students using alcohol, marijuana and tobacco continues to drop from year-to-year, the New Haven Register reports. 

Madison’s average is below the state and national averages and the numbers have been dropping every year since 2009, the Register reports. 

Madison officials credit the work of the Madison Alcohol and Drug Education Coalition. 

Specifically, there has been a 10 percent reduction in the amount of marijuana use amongst Madison teens, the Register reports. However, the number of teens who ride in cars with drivers who have had a drink increased from 25 to 28 percent, the Register reports. 

Read reporter Sean Carlin’s full story in the New Haven Register here. 

Norman Gooding July 04, 2014 at 02:53 AM
Excessive alcohol consumption, the fourth leading preventable cause of death in the United States (1), resulted in approximately 88,000 deaths and 2.5 million years of potential life lost (YPLL) annually during 2006–2010 and cost an estimated $223.5 billion in 2006 "CDC report" Marijuana is still zero! The only person that would think it is a good thing kids are drinking more alcohol is an undertaker.
Jim Belmont July 04, 2014 at 07:18 AM
In a related story Madison adults are drinking more alcohol and smoking more weed than ever before.
Curtis Creek July 04, 2014 at 04:47 PM
Great job, Madison! Fewer kids are smoking pot! So what if that means that more kids are turning to a more addictive substance with a clear record of contributing to violence, date rape, and automobile accidents? Can't have everything, am I right? Just so those kids are out drinking it up at parties and football games, driving their friends around and whatnot, rather than sitting on a sofa eating Oreos and speculating on the development of the towel. Nothing is more destructive to the fabric of the youth of our fair Country than that. Good job, Madison! Hey kids...have a drink on me! /snark off/
Den de Cannabist July 04, 2014 at 06:30 PM
Milwaukee Marijuana Legalization Petition Update June 21, 2014 http://www.winorml.org/blog/2014/06/milwaukee-marijuana-legalization-petition-update/ For more information and continued updates, please see the Milwaukee Marijuana Legalization Petition page. http://www.winorml.org/blog/take-action/milwaukee-petition/ For those who don’t know, on May 31st we started an official petition to get a referendum on the November ballot to legalize marijuana in the City of Milwaukee. To qualify for the November ballot we need to collect at least 27,957 *valid* signatures by July 28th. Learn about Medical Marijuana, Industrial Hemp and Health Endorsements from over 100 health related organizations. http://www.benmaselproject.com/
Malcolm Kyle July 05, 2014 at 05:29 AM
According to the Australian National Drug Research Institute (2003): "The research into the global burden of disease attributable to drugs found, that in 2000, tobacco use was responsible for 4.9 million deaths worldwide, equating to 71 percent of all drug-related deaths. Around 1.8 million deaths were attributable to the use of alcohol (26 percent of all drug-related deaths), and illicit drugs (heroin, cocaine and amphetamines) caused approximately 223,000 deaths (only 3 percent of all drug-related deaths)." Marijuana doesn't get a mention. According to DrugRehabs.Org, national (USA) mortality figures for 2009 were: tobacco 435,000; poor diet and physical inactivity 365,000; alcohol 85,000; microbial agents 75,000; toxic agents 55,000; motor vehicle crashes 26,347; adverse reactions to prescription drugs 32,000; suicide 30,622; incidents involving firearms 29,000; homicide 20,308; sexual behaviors 20,000; all illicit drug use, direct and indirect 17,000; and marijuana 0. Researchers led by Professor David Nutt, a former chief drugs adviser to the British government, asked drug-harm experts to rank 20 drugs (legal and illegal) on 16 measures of harm to the user and to wider society, such as damage to health, drug dependency, economic costs and crime. Alcohol scored 72 out of a possible 100, far more damaging than heroin (55) or crack cocaine (54). It is the most harmful to others by a wide margin, and is ranked fourth behind heroin, crack, and methamphetamine (crystal meth) for harm to the individual.


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