Just Like Glee, Only Better (With Videos)

It Was Gold Medals, Grand Champions, And A Really Good Time At The Daniel Hand High School Choral Concert Thursday Night Where We All Got To Bask In The Awesomeness That Was This Year

The Daniel Hand High School Spring Choral Concert Thursday night provided an opportunity for parents, siblings, friends, and the community to see the many awards garnered by the choirs this year and to hear some amazing music.

Just like Glee, only better, said Ron Soja about his students. Soja is the music teacher who has done so much and spent so much time working with the talented and dedicated students who make up the Show Choir, the Advanced Chorus, Waes Haeil, the Show Choir Band, and the Concert Choir. Also performing Thursday night was the impressive Intermediate Chorus directed by John Gage.

If you missed it, don't worry. We have some video for you, and will be adding more Friday and over the weekend. And Fox-61 News plans to do a segment that is scheduled to run at 10 p.m. Tuesday night, and another on Wednesday morning, Soja said.

As for the awards, get settled in, because it's a long list.

Show Choir Awards 2010-2011

Mill City Show Choir Festival

  • Best Soloist, Alexa Patrick
  • Outstanding Instrumentalist, Matt Horanzy
  • Grand Champion

Central MA Show Choir Festival

  • Judges Award, Alexa Patrick
  • Grand Champion

New England Show Choir Classic

  • Best Soloist, Alexa Patrick
  • Outstanding Instrumentalist, Matt Horanzy
  • Best Choral Sound
  • Grand Champion

Nutmeg Show Choir Festival

  • Best Soloist, Alexa Patrick
  • Best Choral Sound
  • Best Choreography
  • Best Band
  • Grand Champion

FAME National Show Choir Championship

  • Best Soloist, Alexa Patrick
  • Best Choral Sound
  • Fourth Place

Choral Awards 2010-2011

VA Beach Festival of Music

  • Advanced Chorus Rating: Excellent
  • ENCORE Rating: Excellent
  • Waes Haeil Rating: Excellent
  • Show Choir Rating: Superior
  • Concert Choir Rating: Superior
  • Overall Highest Scoring Ensemble (out of 21): Concert Choir
  • Best Accompanist, Show Choir Band
  • Best Soloist, yes, once again, Alexa Patrick


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