Island Avenue School Art Show Draws Crowds

2012 Art Show highlighted the different styles and mediums being taught by Art Teacher Peggy Loehr.

The hallways of Island Avenue School were recently decorated with artwork representing the work of all 282 of the elementary school’s students for the Annual Art Show.  Family, friends and students strolled through the halls admiring the work, matted and framed by Art Teacher Peggy Loehr.  Joining in the celebration was the Brown Middle School 5th grade beginning strings and a select number of the 6th grade orchestra led by Music Teacher Jessica Shaver.  As guests enjoyed snacks provided by the IAS PTO, they listened to the orchestra in the multipurpose room.

Loehr said each grade focused on a different style and/or medium in their art studies.  All these different approaches were represented in the show.

Some examples of the work included:

  • First graders lessons on Elements of Art, line, shape and color. The students recalled lines (wavy, zig zag) and shapes (triangle, circle) to aid in drawing realistic leaves. Within the composition, the students repeated leaves and color and completed with a watercolor wash over the entire picture to add contrast. 


  • For the second graders unit on color the students learned to create secondary colors (orange, green, purple) by mixing two primary colors (red, blue, yellow).  The students were given choice of their composition.  The only guideline was it needed to incorporate flowers.  They viewed  and discussed Van Gogh Painting Sunflowers by Paul Gauguin, Flower garden and Sunflowers by Van Gogh, and Terrace at St. Adresse by Monet as inspiration.


  • During this third grade students study of art and architecture they discussed the historical background and structural components of a cathedral (including gargoyles).  The students created a pen drawing of a cathedral façade paying particular attention to the characteristics of a cathedral.  The cathedral included a radial design rose window as a point of emphasis.


  • Finally, the fourth graders chose a mythological creature that grabbed their attention.  Some choices included Phoenix, Minotaur, and Unicorn.  The students sketched these creatures paying close attention to adding texture.  The students then transferred this drawing to Art Foil using a wooden stylus.  Texture was the focus of this lesson to allow the details to shine through when black paint was added.  The border of the pictures was inspired by the Artist Gustav Klimt. They viewed and discussed shape and repetition in his work as well as the gold leaf used in his paintings.

“Peggy Loehr’s ability to ignite creativity in each and every child and work with them on very specific, age appropriate art projects was evident throughout the show,” said IAS Principal Kathy Nutley.  “All the pieces were unique and focused on each student’s artistic ability.”


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