Meet Becky Frost New Assistant Principal At Polson Middle School

Frost looks forward to ensuring that the students' middle school years are full of rigorous learning and positive social relationships.


When school starts on Monday, August 27 Polson Middle School students, staff and faculty will be joined by a new assistant principal, Becky Frost. She agreed to answer the following questions, posed by Madison Patch, in an effort to let town residents know a bit about her. Please join us in welcoming Ms. Frost to town.

What was your job prior to accepting this position?

Prior to accepting this position in Madison I served six years as a third grade teacher at Highland School in Cheshire, CT.  I completed my Administrative Internship during the 2010-2011 school year at this same school.  

What do you look forward to as you begin this new chapter in your professional career?  

I look forward to working closely with teachers.  Great teaching is a passion of mine, and I am excited to see the great work that Polson teachers are doing every day.  My professional goal this year is to learn the culture of this high achieving school and support the principal and staff toward meeting their goals.  

Do you think there will be any special challenges for you as you start as assistant principal?   

My main challenge will be that Polson Middle School is already functioning at high levels of success.  I will be looking to see where improvements can be made in instruction as well as the overall logistics of the school day. With the bar already set very high, this will not be an easy task.  I will also be challenged with getting to know a new town, the students and families...but I can't wait!  

What special or unique qualities do you bring to this new job?                

As a new administrator, I bring a fresh sense of passion and enthusiasm for education. I have a strong background in lesson design and classroom management.  I am committed to ensuring that there is purposeful teaching and meaningful learning going on in every classroom, every school day, for every student.                 

Are there any mentors that helped shape your career?                  

My first mentor was Mr. Timothy Granucci.  He was Cheshire’s Teacher of the Year for the 2004-2005 school year, and he also happened to by my cooperating teacher while I was student teaching.  He instilled in me a passion for good instruction.  He also taught me that the way in which you speak to students and the words you choose to use with them make all the difference.  Students come second; children come first.                

My second mentor was Mrs. Beverly Scully, principal of Highland School in Cheshire, CT and a Madison resident.  She taught me what it means to be an effective administrator.  She led by example.  Her willingness to continually learn and be on the forefront of new educational research inspires me to do the same.  Everything she did was for the students and their learning.  It is my hope that I can do the same for the students and families of Polson.  

What is the most exciting thing about this new job?                  

I am excited to be working with students on the middle school level.  Having worked with this age group previously through a variety of charity organizations, I am excited to work more closely with students at this level.  This is such an exciting yet often tumultuous time in their lives.  I look forward to ensuring that their middle school years are full of rigorous learning and positive social relationships.


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