Town Hires New Director Of Finance

Stacy Nobitz will replace Dotty Bavin, the current director of finance, who is retiring June 30 after 33 years.


When Madison Director of Finance Dotty Bavin decided recently that it was time to retire after 33 years of service to the town, she knew just who to call.

"I've been waiting for that call for years," said Stacy Nobitz Monday night, just before her appointment at the town's new director of finance was officially approved by the Board of Selectmen. Nobitz, a CPA, is a manager with BlumShapiro and has worked there since 2004. Before she was with BlumShapiro, she received her degree in accounting from Quinnipiac University and then worked for Madison for seven years as an accountant.

Nobitz said when she left Madison to go to BlumShapiro, she did so with mixed feelings. She was excited about the opportunity, but knew she would miss Madison. So when she got the call about the opening, she decided that not only would it be a great opportunity and a great fit, but also great timing if she was hired.

The Board of Selectmen said they agreed Monday night, and then approved the hiring in a unanimous vote.

Nobitz will start May 7, 2012, at an annual salary of $108,000, giving her two months to work with Bavin before Bavin retires.

"We're going to be roommates," Nobitz said to Bavin, before the meeting started Monday night.

"You can pick my brain on everything," Bavin responded.

"Can't wait," Nobitz said.

Nobitz will be working not only for the Town of Madison, but also for the Madison Public Schools.

“I remember the excellent work she did for us during her earlier service with the Town and she has added to her knowledge with her auditing experiences for other municipalities in Connecticut,” First Selectman McPherson said in a prepared statement.  Interim Madison School Superintendent Anita Rutlin said in a prepared statement, “we are confident that Stacy Nobitz will be an excellent addition to our team.  Stacy brings with her extensive experience with public school finances.”

The selection process involved a three level interview series involving senior town and school staff, the Boards of Selectmen, Finance, and Education, and McPherson and Rutlin.  “Madison is one of the very few municipalities in the state that share finance and other departments”, said McPherson.  Rutlin added, “The school district and the town have always worked synergistically together.”

Nobitz and Bavin said Monday night they will be able to work well together during the transition. And they discovered they had one other thing in common, relating to their personal financial matters. Monday night at the meeting, they both were carrying identical Coach purses.

"What can I say? I'm a Coach person too, "Nobitz said.

Janet April 10, 2012 at 02:41 PM
I wonder... is half the salary for that position (and other shared services positions for that matter that are referenced by McPherson) reflected in the BOE budget, or are the full salaries allocated to the town budget?


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