Property Transfers: White Cedar Drive, Summer Hil Road, Sheep Pasture Drive And More

Property transactions as recorded in Madison town hall.


August 10, 2012: 24 White Cedar Drive. Joseph S. and Mary K. Calvo of Guilford, CT to Philip Camarota, Madison, CT. $19,000.


July 2012: 220 SummerHill Road. Pascal Deman, Madison, CT and Marie Christine Verhamme, Madison, CT to Peter B. Green, Madison, CT. $730,000.


July 31, 2012: 32 Sheep Pasture Drive, Rebuiltsheep LLC, Plantsville, CT to Norman E. Rogan Jr. and Margaret B. Rogan, Madison, CT. $399,000.


August 10, 2012: 302 Horsepond Road. Robert L. Beloin, New Haven, CT to Robert J. Buchetto, Madison, CT. $213,500.


August 15, 2012: 181 Wildcat Road. Ellen Belmont, Old Saybrook, CT to Asiye Kaye, Madison, CT. $363,000.


August 15, 2012:  60 River Edge Farms Road. Lorrie L. Petersen, Madison, CT to John A. Genther, Madison, CT. $900,000.


August 16, 2012: 69 Soundview Avenue. Deborah Judelson, Woodbridge, CT to Rita A. Amaio and Kathleen Anne LoGiodice, $1,399,250.


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