Madison Spends $303,000 To Enhance Recreational Space For Seniors

The land could be used for bocce or garden space.

The Madison Board of Selectmen voted Monday night to spend $303,000 to purchase a half-acre parcel on Bradley Road adjacent to the Senior Center to help expand outdoor senior services, the New Haven Register reports. 

The land could be used for bocce, or garden space, the paper reports. 

Do you agree that the money is well spent?

Read the Register’s full story here. 

M. C. June 24, 2014 at 11:15 AM
I think we all know the answer to this one...but hey, when only 1,000 people go out to vote on a tax increase referendum, then we all deserve what's comin to us.
Matt June 24, 2014 at 04:30 PM
The inside is ridiculously under-utilized and over-sized. So the next thing they want to do is spend $300,000 to create an under-utilized and over-sized vacant lot that will only be usable for a few months out of the year? What is it with our town leads and spending blitheringly stupid amounts of money on vacant unused land for nothing??


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