Madison Food Trucks Move Away From the Town Green

Food truck operators want to make sure they will still be seen.

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File image

To some people it may look like the Madison food trucks have moved out of town, but that is far from the case. 

In fact the trucks have moved just slightly from School Street near the Green to Academy Street beginning on Monday, the New Haven Register reports. 

The issue of the food trucks had become a divisive issue in town as some argued they should be banned because they were an eyesore, especially because of their close proximity to the Green. 

While others said the food trucks were good for the town and should be celebrated, the Register reports. 

One selectman told Sean Carlin, of the Register, that the town compromised and allowed the food trucks to remain in town, while listening to residents’ complaints about how close they were to the Green. 

One food truck operator expressed concern that his truck is no longer visible from the Post Road, the Register reports. 

To read the New Haven Register’s full story click here. 


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