How Fast Can A .223 Dispense 30 Rounds Of Ammunition?

Check it out here, in this video.


Nearly two months after the tragic shooting in Newtown, U.S. Senator Chris Murphy (D—Conn.) paid a visit to the Conn. State Police Gun Range in Simsbury for a demonstration on military-style assault rifles.

The [Litchfield County] Register Citizen reported Tuesday that Murphy is ready to take on the National Rifle Association:

U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy is trying to convince his former colleagues in the House and his new colleagues in the Senate that there won’t be any retribution from gun owners at the polls, if they do the right thing and vote in favor of common sense gun control legislation. During a conference call from Washington D.C. Monday, Murphy cited numerous polls that showed regular gun owners, including some who self-reported being members of the National Rifle Association, aren’t in lockstep with their lobby. The most often cited poll was the one conducted by Mayors Against Illegal Guns. That poll found 74 percent of NRA members support a requirement for a criminal background check on anyone purchasing a gun. Eighty-seven percent of non-NRA members support the same policy.

Read more in The Register Citizen.


Fred February 20, 2013 at 04:36 PM
.223 is a caliber, i.e., the diameter of the bullet, not a type of firearm. Although I am no expert, I strongly suspect that some .223 caliber firearms have different rates of fire than other .223 caliber firearms. The question is like asking the speed of a 4-door sedan -- it varies depending upon the make, model, horsepower, etc. If you wish to limit your inquiry to a specific make and model, information, including the rate of fire is typically available on the manufacturer's website.
Fred February 20, 2013 at 04:42 PM
@Pem At least some of your neighbors apparently disagree with you regarding their need for a firearm for protection. I have several friends who live on or off Neck Road with whom I regularly shoot
Concerned Parent & Gun Owner February 23, 2013 at 12:19 PM
Mike - Like me asking "What the cranium of a late-stage aborted fetus looks like after it has been penetrated by a sharpened tube and had its brain sucked out by mechanical vacuum to reduce its diameter so the entire fetus could be yanked out of the mother who has not gone through proper labor? So sick of those who support late-term abortion "rights" which is not a right at all." Mike, I am conflicted on abortion but 55MILLION aborted fetuses since the Roe decision does not seem to bother many who call for gun control. Strange that no? Pro-choice advocates argue that women have an absolute but Constitutionally unarticulated "women's reproductive right" which has been conjured up somehow. That no one and no government has the ability to tell them what to do with their bodies, etc. Yet, most of these same people are perfectly willing to tell me and every gun owner that they and their preferred government have the ability to deny me my fully and completely articulated Constitutional right to bear arms. Since you are so passionate Mike, how about you reconcile that for us all? Explain why a woman can be told what to do with her body but you seem perfectly willing to tell me what I can do with my black rifles. Particularly so when abortion is SO commonplace and will, every time, stop a heart. Yet 8+ million Armalite Rifles manage to go every day without firing a shot in anger, never mind killing someone? The hypocrisy of the Left is stunning.
Concerned Parent & Gun Owner February 23, 2013 at 12:22 PM
Kyle was shot while the shooter was handling the gun. Kyle was not on "alert" that he was in a danger situation. Your analogy shows disingenuousness at best. Dorner (not "Dnonder").
Thomas Paine February 23, 2013 at 12:34 PM
Richard - As requested, I have just submitted that post to East Haven Patch where it is awaiting editor review. It will be up to the editor to post it on the site. Wilton Patch posts my items very quickly but East Haven may go through a review process. Look for it later on Saturday.


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