Election 2012: East Lyme, Old Lyme, and Lyme Results

East Lyme and Old Lyme vote democratic all the way; Lyme splits the difference, voting for Obama, Murphy, and Courtney but voting for Republicans Marilyn Giuliano for state house and Art Linares for state senate.

On election night, there was no home team advantage for East Lyme First Selectman Paul Formica. In East Lyme as in Old Lyme, Democrats took the lead across the board.

President Barack Obama won over Mitt Romney, Chris Murphy bested Linda McMahon for Senate, incumbent Joe Courtney warded off the challenge from Formica for the Second District Congressional seat, and incumbent Andrea Stillman retained her state Senate seat over challenger Mike Doyle. 

Formica was gracious in defeat and pledged to work with Courtney going forward. "I stand here proud. We just ran for U.S. Congress. What gets better than that?" Formica said. "While nobody likes to lose, with failure comes opportunities and you never know what's going to happen."

In Lyme, voters picked Obama over Romney, Murphy over McMahon, and Courtney over Formica but that's where the Democratic winning streak ended. Lyme voted to reelect Republican incumbent Marilyn Giuliano over Democratic challenger Adam Stillman for the 23rd District state House seat. Republican candidate Art Linares also garnered more votes than James Crawford, the Democratic candidate for the State Senate seat in the 33rd District.  

Voter turnout was high in Old Lyme, East Lyme, and Lyme as voters came to the polls in a steady stream throughout the day. In East Lyme, poll workers had braced themselves for the last minute rush but none came. The busiest time was between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. on Tuesday, with turnout at 67 percent an hour before polls closed. Paul Formica's daughter was one of the last people to vote, and she voted for her dad. 

While all the other candidates were on tenterhooks, State Rep. Ed Jutila was one person who wasn't worried.

"Normally I'd be a basketcase at about this time," said the state Representative for the 37th District (East Lyme, Salem) who was greeting voters at East Lyme Community Center shortly before polls closed. This election, Jutila was certain of victory. He was running unopposed!

How Each Town Voted

Old Lyme


Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan (R)   1958

Barack Obama-Joe Biden (D)  2561

Rocky Anderson-Luis Rodriguez (I)  9

Gary Johnson-Jim Gray (L)    33

U.S. Senate

Linda McMahon (R, I)   1898

Chris Murphy (D, WF)   2476

Paul Passarelli (L)    82

U.S. House 2nd    

Paul M. Formica (R)     1635

Joe Courtney (D, WF)    2751

Colin D. Bennett (G)        45

Daniel J. Reale (L)           26

State Senate 20th        

Mike Doyle (R, I) 1784

Andrea L. Stillman (D)  2462

Marc Guttman (L)  67

State House 23rd    

Marilyn Giuliano (R) 2693

Adam Stillman (D)  1653



Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan (R)   590

Barack Obama-Joe Biden (D)  846

Rocky Anderson-Luis Rodriguez (I)           4

Gary Johnson-Jim Gray (L)    20

U.S. Senate

Linda McMahon (R, I)   596

Chris Murphy (D, WF)   811

Paul Passarelli (L)           45

U.S. House 2nd    

Paul M. Formica (R)       512

Joe Courtney (D, WF)    875

Colin D. Bennett (G)        22

Daniel J. Reale (L)           25

State Senate 33rd         

Art Linares (R, I) 655

James Crawford (D, WF) 583

Melissa Schlag (G) 165

State House 23rd    

Marilyn Giuliano (R)  833

Adam Stillman (D)   586

East Lyme

(Preliminary numbers)


Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan (R)   3,450

Barack Obama-Joe Biden (D)  4,828

Rocky Anderson-Luis Rodriguez (I)           N/A

Gary Johnson-Jim Gray (L)    N/A

U.S. Senate

Linda McMahon (R, I)   3,372

Chris Murphy (D, WF)   4,614

Paul Passarelli (L)           N/A

U.S. House 2nd    

Paul M. Formica (R)      3,819

Joe Courtney (D, WF)    4,376

Colin D. Bennett (G)        N/A

Daniel J. Reale (L)           N/A

State Senate 20th        

Mike Doyle (R, I) 3,099

Andrea L. Stillman (D)  4,784

Marc Guttman (L)  N/A

Francis Grace November 07, 2012 at 09:54 PM
Good run Paul. I will continue to hope for your best. Frank Grace


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