Arts and Cultural Center May Be Coming to Madison

There may be room for classroom and performing arts.

File art
File art

Shoreline Arts Alliance Director Eric Dillner is getting closer to having his dream come true. 

Dillner and members of the arts alliance want to turn the Academy School Building into an arts and cultural center, the New Haven Register reports. 

The 93-year-old building has sat idle since 2004, and there have been several studies undertaken concerning what should happen to the facility. 

But momentum is building to have the facility turned into an arts space including arts and sculpting studios and room for the performing arts, the Register’s Sean Carlin reports. 

Work includes adding an elevator, lead paint removal and upgrading the heating system. It’s expected that grants and donations would be necessary to make the project become a reality, the Register reports. 

Plans may be finalized as soon as later this summer. 

Read the New Haven Register’s full story here. 

Do you think this would be a good use for the Academy School Building?

Matt June 26, 2014 at 11:08 AM
Here we go again. Dumping tax dollars into someone's personal liberal hippie hobby that benefits essentially nobody. Our town leaders drive out business, drive out residents, blockade new business, and blockade new residents, Then habitually jack up everyone's taxes every year while cutting the services provided. And now they take the most promising opportunity for new businesses and new residences and turn it into tax subsidized personal hobby shack for a few individuals to make paintings. Flushing what will end up being hundreds of thousands if not millions in tax dollars down the toilet for renovations and upkeep. And for something that will generate zero tax income in return. Congratulations to the leaders of Madison for taking your job to a whole new level of incompetence. And congratulations to the voters who keep putting these fools back in office every year.


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