YouTube Video Leads To Drug Arrest At Storage Unit On Nod Place In Clinton

Ace and Gwen sniff out the evidence.

Clinton Police Dog Ace with the evidence gathered during an arrest Monday. Photo credit: Clinton Police Department
Clinton Police Dog Ace with the evidence gathered during an arrest Monday. Photo credit: Clinton Police Department
From the Clinton Police Department: 

On Monday, members of the Clinton Police department executed a search and seizure warrant at a storage unit on Nod Pl. in Clinton.

This search warrant was the result of a six month investigation. The investigation began when the above suspect, William Bradley, 46,  posted a YouTube video of himself growing marijuana. Ofc. Adrian Santiago observed the video and began an investigation.

Bradley is in the video standing with the plants. He identifies himself by name and is also recognized by officers. Bradley speaks about the plants and asks for donations so he does not have to resort to selling the marijuana. The video is labeled on Youtube as "William Bradley-Hope Garden." Bradley also posted a link to the video from his Facebook page.

Prior to this video Police were familiar with Bradley's from previous arrests including an arrest in 2008 for possession of over ten lbs of marijuana.

During this investigation police were able to conduct a surveillance and determined Bradley was utilizing a storage bin on Nod Place. Clinton Police Ofc. Greg Matakaetis and his drug detecting dog "Ace" were utilized and indicated on the storage bin at least twice during the investigation for the presence of illegal drugs.

Ofc. Richard Perone of the Madison Police department and his drug detecting K-9 "Gwen" was utilized at a later date and indicated for the presence of illegal drugs.

A search warrant was executed and as a result police seized:

1. Over two pounds of marijuana

2. over 20 grams of Hashish

3. Two baggies of cocaine

4. 4 Oxycodone pills

5. Drug Paraphernalia including numerous baggies for packaging smaller amounts of marijuana for sale, Scales, drug notes and his cellular phone.

6. $1,017.00 of drug proceeds

Bradley was held on a $5,000.00 bond and is scheduled to appear in Middletown Superior court on Jan. 14, 2014. He has been charged with possession of narcotics w/intent to sell, possession of Marijuana w/intent to sell, possession of Hashish w/ intent to sell, possession of drug Paraphernalia, and operating a drug factory

CCL January 14, 2014 at 08:02 AM
All that time and resources spent for this? Wow big bust. They must be so proud at their pretending to be protecting the public. Hoe much did that all cost us? Of we pay for the police maybe we should get a say on which 'crimes' they pursue? Personally, I think they should go after the violent criminals and motor vehicle violations, not the nonviolent pot growers. Maybe go after the doctors prescribing these narcotics in excess? I don't know, maybe that's just me.
Matt January 14, 2014 at 12:14 PM
CCL, you do get a say on what they peruse. By way of your elected officials. The police do not make up the laws. If someone reports a drug factory to them, they can't just say "nah, I think we'll go write speeding tickets instead." They're obligated to do something about it. I agree completely that pot is a complete waste of our criminal justice system's time. It should probably be legalized in a reasonable manner like some states are already doing. But here in CT, what he did was big time illegal and he brought it upon himself.


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