Traffic Commission Wraps Up Review Of Neck Road, Bradley Road

Minor changes will be made to Neck Road signage and road markings; A request for a cross walk at Bradley Road turned down.


The town's traffic commission, which is the Board of Police Commissioners, has wrapped up reviews of two roads that were requested by town residents.

Several residents earlier this year requested a review of the Boston Post Road intersection with Neck Road. A separate request was made to install a cross walk on Bradley Road near just to the east of the intersection of Old Route 78. The results of the review were reported at a Madison Board of Police Commissioners meeting Thursday, May 10, 2012.

Since Boston Post Road is a state road, that review was done by the state Department of Transportation. The request to review the intersection was made on Feb. 21, 2012 and on April 30 2012, the state responded and said it conducted a review that included evaluations of accident data, speeds, sightlines, and field conditions.

Ten reported accidents in three years

The average daily traffic on the road in that area is 9,100 going west and 8,300 going east, according to the letter, written by Acting Manager of Traffic Engineering Timothy Wilson, who is with the state DOT's Bureau of Engineering and Construction.

Wilson said the latest available three-year accident data showed that there were ten reported accidents that resulted in four injuries. "The frequency and type of crashes that occurred within the study area are not considered unusual for similar locations statewide," Wilson said.

Wilson noted that existing signs warning about the curve and intersection are smaller than those called for under existing standards and that centerline and edge line markings are worn, and that the stop lines on both Neck Road junctions are missing.

New pavement marking lines, signs

Wilson said pavement marking lines will be supplemented and repainted and that the existing 30-inch signs will be replaced with 36-inch signs.Also, a new intersection warning sign will be installed on westbound Boston Post Road in advance of the Neck Road intersection.

"To improve delineation for motorists negotiating the curve at Neck Road No. 2, dotted extension lines will be intalled on U.S. Route 1 [the Boston Post Road] between the braeks in centerline and edge lines," Wilson said.

"The intersection sight distances were measured along U.S. Route 1 [the Boston Post Road] at Neck Road No. 1 and No. 2 and were found to exceed the distances considered adequate for both the posted speed limit [40 miles per hour] and the 85th percentile speeds [42 miles per hour]. The safe stopping sight distances on U.S. Route 1 at the Neck Road junctions also exceed the distances considered adequate for the speeds," Wilson said in his letter.

No further measures recommended

"Based on the above, no further measures, other than the aforementioned signing and pavement marking modifications are recommended at this time. Mr. Michael J. Ott, [Madison] Director of Public Works and Town Engineer, was contacted and is in agreement with the department's findings and recommendations," Wilson said.

Ott did the review of Bradley Road after a cross walk was requested in the area of the Vista offices.

Ott said, based on his review, he does not recommend that a cross walk be installed.

Not a good location for a cross walk

"That location has geometric issues," he said. "The way the road runs, it is not a good location for a cross walk. There would not be adequate distances for drivers to have enough decision distance" before coming upon the cross walk.

Ott said a crest in the road from one direction, and a curve in the road from the other direction would not allow drivers to see the cross walk in time to respond adequately. "Under current engineering standards, this is not something I could recommend," he said.

Police commission members said they were satisfied with the results of both reviews.

Satisfied with the reports

"We'll cross [the request for the Bradley Road cross walk] off our list," said Police Commissioner Thom Cartledge, who takes the lead on traffic issues for the commission.

He said he also was satisfied with the report back from the state Department of Transportation on the Boston Post Road/Neck Road intersection.

"It really speaks to the process," he said. "Going both east and west, it sounds like it fits all the existing regulations with the exception of the signage."

Madison residents who would like to have the traffic commission consider a change relating to the town's roads should send an email to Cartledge at tjcartledge@sbcglobal.net, with a copy to Madison Town Engineer Michael Ott at ottm@madisonct.org, and to the Madison Police Department Executive Assistant to the Chief Christie Hodge at hodgecs@madisonct.org.


Katie Dumond May 23, 2012 at 01:18 PM
They keep the cars off the bike paths so if they want to reduce accidents and injuries, keep the bicycles off the roads designed for cars. Bikes swerve in and out of traffic, ride side by side in the travel lanes for cars even when there is room over the white line. We never see any police enforcement in the police blotter for violations of bicycle laws which is why there is so much reckless bicycle operation and accidents with cars.
Bob Levels May 25, 2012 at 01:45 PM
Yep, out of control bicyclists the biggest problem for sure.


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