Great Wall Closed, Portofino Open Following Sprinkler Activation At Great Wall

North Madison Volunteer Fire Co. responds to fire alarm at Great Wall around 2:30 p.m. Friday.


Great Wall, the Chinese restaurant at the North Madison shopping center was closed Friday afternoon after a sprinkler activated and flooded the restaurant.

Portofino's, an adjacent restaurant, appeared to have experienced a small amount of flooding as well, but employees Frank Pereria, Rob Rundon, and Cassondra Lucas said they were cleaning up and that they planned to be open for business Friday.

Great Wall was closed Friday afternoon, firefighters on the scene said, pending an investigation into what prompted the sprinkler activation. North Madison Volunteer Fire Co. responded to the call.

Brian Murphy, a landscape architect from Madison Earth Care, which takes care of the property, responded to a call saying that a sheet of ice had developed in front of the restaurants, following the flood of water. He showed up to make sure that the slick area, roped off with yellow emergency tape, was sanded and salted.


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