What's The Best Place To Kiss?

Do tell!


As Valentine's Day nears, we began to wonder, what's the best place to kiss in Madison? ? Be sure to leave by sunset. ? Too bad about the pier, but we still have the rocks. ? Lots of great places to go for a romantic walk there. Just be on the lookout for little kids during the day and skunks at night.

The Tuxis Walkway behind , the one that connects the Boston Post Road shopping district with Station Square, has a boardwalk. It's a short one, so perhaps that's best if you're in a hurry when it comes to romance. has a boardwalk, a boat launch, picnic tables, and surf chairs. The possibilities are endless!

has some beautiful trails and Coan Pond. At Chatfield Hollow State Park in Killingworth, CT you can search for romance while pretending to search for Indian Caves. At Timberlands in Guilford, CT there are some scenic sports on the red trail (where else for Valentine's Day?) near Upper Lake.

We can think of lots more. But what do you think? Vote for your favorite, or add yours in the comment section below.


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