Patch's Poll: If Apple Made a Smaller, Cheaper iPad, Would You Buy It?

Rumors sprung up this week that Apple is working on a more affordable version of its iPad tablet.

Multiple news agencies are reporting this week that tech giant Apple may be working on a smaller version of it’s popular iPad tablet computer.

Bloomberg News reported this week that it had spoken to “two people with knowledge of the plan” to create a 7-inch iPad that would compete with tablets like the Kindle Fire and the Google Nexus tablets.

This supposed smaller iPad wouldn’t have the high definition screen of Apple’s latest model, however it would likely be a much cheaper device aimed at a more affordable market, the news site reported. The current 10-inch iPad retails for around $499.

Of course, as CNN notes, rampant speculation doesn’t always mean truth when it comes to Apple, as many online rumors about the company’s products have fizzled in the past.

If Apple produced a smaller iPad, would you give in and buy one? Take our poll and share your thoughts in the comments.

Jerry Lewis July 06, 2012 at 02:04 AM
I try and try to justify buying a tablet but just can't pull the trigger. The price of an iPad v the price of an i3 laptop is the same or at times, the laptop is cheaper. Social access, the Samsung Galaxy does that along with news feeds and email. Music? The Galaxy does that too but if I want all my music with me, the 64GB iPod does the trick. So except for a big screen, the Galaxy and iPod serve me well. Both fit in well protective cases and weigh about the same as a tablet. Both sync well with the main PC in the house. If I want everything, (photos, email back to the beginning, MS Office and files) simply carry a 5 lb laptop. Come on, are we that weak if we really need to do everything outside the house? Tablets really have to do more for me before I buy one. If you have one and enjoy it, glad it works for you,


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