Patch's Poll: How Should Colleges Inform Applicants of their Decisions?

It's no longer just the fat envelope vs. the thin one.

Although more and more students apply and get their answers early, most high school students with college ambitions are still waiting impatiently to find out where they will be studying next year.

A generation ago, students received a letter in the mail — the telltale thin envelope had a rejection inside while the fat one was packed with information for the accepted student.

Some colleges still adhere to that method, but many now deliver the news either via email or through an online system that requires students to check in with a code.

A few appear to make phone calls to accepted students, though those are few and far between. Decisions are usually meted out before April 1.

How do you think colleges should deliver their news — good or bad?

Take our poll and tell us your college decision stories in the comments. Are you still waiting?

Laura I. Maniglia March 01, 2013 at 11:21 AM
The colleges save money if they use email, a technology that teens routinely utilize.


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