Patch's Picks: Top Chefs

Who Are They, How Long Have They Been Cookin', What Are Their Claims To Fame and Favorite Foods

Name: Dino Landino

Number of Years As A Chef: About 30 years

Number of Years At Balladino's: Almost 13 years

Signature Dish: The Chicken Balladino (The #4), which outsells everything 2:1

Favorite Food: Pizza

Name: Silvio Suppa

Number of Years As A Chef: 40

Number of Years At Cafe Allegre: 13

Signature Dishes: Braciole or Meatballs & Sausage w/Rigatoni.  And, big requests all the time for my Zuppa di Pesce.

Favorite Food: Breakfast food!  A nice bowl of oatmeal, fresh fruit, orange juice and anything else I have in the house for breakfast is my favorite food and time of day – before the chaos begins! 

Name: David Forrest

Number of Years As A Chef: 20 

Number of Years At Dolly Madison: Over 25 

Signature Dish: Roast Pork Chops and New York Strip 

Favorite Food: Steak and salad

Name: Edgar Jara 

Number of Years As A Chef: 10

Number of Years At Elizabeth's: 15

Signature Dish:  Pan seared diver sea scallops with wild mushrooms, tomatoes and lemon caper sauce and any version or our lobster mac and cheese made with a signature blend of artisan cheeses.

Favorite Food: Delicious and healthy eating are important to me. At Elizabeth's we source our vegetables and meats from organic purveyors whenever possible.  Interestingly prepared vegetables and freshly caught fish, especially striped bass, are my idea of a great meal.

Name: Orlando Duran

Number of Years As A Chef: 20 to 25

Number of Years At Friends & Company: 4

Signature Dish: Old Bay Roasted Salmon with Asparagus Vinaigrette

Favorite Food: Pork

Name: Gilbert Taboada

Number of Years As A Chef: Working in kitchens for 40, chef for 20

Number of Years At Noodles: 8

Signature Dish: Italian pastas and seafood

Favorite Food: Spanish


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