It is a Good Time to Contemplate Your Faith

You will feel better for it

With a week to go until Christmas, and three days until Hanukkah, perhaps it is a good time to contemplate renewing your faith, or exploring a new avenue of faith.

It is all too easy to lose the spiritual foundation of the holiday. Take the time to go to church or synagogue.

If you can’t manage to stay for the entire service, you don’t have to. You will not be arrested for leaving half-way through.

If you can’t get to church or to the synagogue at all, maybe you can spend a few quiet moments a few times a week alone – yes, it might have to be in the car, or in the bathroom, or when you're awake in the middle of the night  - contemplating the spiritual events that prompted the holidays. 

You will feel better for it. I promise.


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