Five Ways To Help The Environment At Home

Easy, Little Changes Can Make A Big Difference

There are numerous easy ways to help the environment at home that are so simple we forget. Earth Day offers that friendly little reminder (as do your electric, oil and gas bills), but I know everyone in my household get lazy and skips a few simple steps which, added up, have a huge impact.   

Turning off lights, turning off your computer, and turning the thermostat down two degrees in winter and up two degrees in summer are three ways we can make a difference at home, points out Paul Nonnemacher, Director of Public Affairs at Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority, which serves Madison, as well as two out of three Connecticut residents.

Madison Land Conservation Trust member and professor in the Forestry and Environmental Studies Department at Yale University says, "Make a locally sourced meal one night a week."

"Buying locally grown produce and meat helps keep farms in business with all of the positive benefits of the open space they protect. Madison's weekly farm market makes this easy to do," he points out. 

"Use less fertilizer and weed killers on your lawn," Skelly says and adds, " It is possible to have a great looking lawn while spending less money and releasing fewer chemicals into the environment."  

For more information on organic lawn care, please visit http://www.richsoil.com/lawn-care.jsp


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