Make A Lunch-Money Holder

Another in our summer-long series of fun projects to do with the kids!

This lunch-money holder can hang around your child's neck, or be carried in a pocket or backpack.

What you need:

A small metal box with a hinged lid. Altoids and other mints come in boxes like this.

A piece of rawhide, ribbon, metallic string, yarn or other similar material long enough to hang the box around your child's neck (if you decide to go down that route...)


If you wish, a small plastic animal, glitter, stickers or beads.

A small photograph of you, or the child's pet, or something else that he or she loves.

Wash the box well, and dry it.

Have your child paint it, inside and out.

Decorate the box with a painting, or glue a plastic animal to it - or glue glitter, stars, stickers, beads.

If you like, glue the photo of yourself - or your house, the family dog, your child's best friend - to the inside of the lid. This is also a great place to tuck a little note, if you want, when your child goes off to school.

If you want to hang it around your child's neck, thread the string around the hinges or through them, depending on the type of hinges on the box. Make the string tight enough to fit snugly around the hinge, and make a knot so that the box will hang on its loop.

What will you glue in the lid of your child's money holder?


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