Attention Parents: Check Out Our New FB Page, Just For You!

You'll find lots of parenting tips on our new page. Check it out!

Kids are a big part of Patch! Patch file photo.
Kids are a big part of Patch! Patch file photo.
We know being a mom or dad is one of the most important jobs in the world. And really, is there anything closer to your heart than family?

A big part of what we do it Patch is connecting people and connecting communities. In that spirit, we have started a new page at Patch to share all the great parenting-related content from our sites and around the web.

Parent Station is a place for parents to connect and engage with each other through blogs, news stories and information that’s important to them. Here’s the page, if you’d like to check it out.

You’ll find everything from parenting tips (like this recent post on the importance of giving back as a family during the holidays) to first-person blogs from single moms and dads, parents struggling with the decision to use medical marijuana to treat their sick children, and lots of touching, hilarious content (You Know You’re a Mom When…) that reminds you why being a parent is so special.

You can email moderation@patch.com if you have a story or blog you think would be a good fit to share and don’t forget to like the page (and share it with your friends!).



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