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We are an annual gaming that brings people together to have fun, help charity and showcase new games. You can try out a wide variety of games over the course of the weekend, and learn something new while making new friends.

We have a fantastic array of quality storytelling games for you to play, including many mainstream and indie games. Enjoy Pathfinder Society and Living Forgotten Realms, or try out Durance, Dogs in the Vineyard and Inspectres. 

This year we have a full slate of LARP events as well, and a great variety of kid-friendly games for younger players. 

Register to join us at http://anonycon.com, and check out the games we have now or go ahead and run your own!

Alana Joli Abbott October 19, 2012 at 01:49 AM
I've been an attendee at Anonycon since 2006 and have always had a great time. The organizers make the convention feel like a real community, and the games being run are always sure to give attendees a good time! If you enjoy games -- board, video, table-top roleplaying -- this is definitely an event worth attending. You're sure to find something new to try -- and enjoy!


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