Yellow-throated Warbler Sighted A Few Blocks From Downtown Madison

Area birders add another to their life list.


The sighting of a Yellow-throated Warbler just a few blocks from downtown Madison had area birders chatting on Facebook Friday morning. Jerry Connolly from the on the Boston Post Road in Madison was glad to hear about the bird, and drove over to take a few pictures.

"This bird should be in warmer climes!" said Janet Connolly, also of the Audubon Shop. She said one of the customers from Madison came in yesterday and said "How unusual is it to see a Yellow-throated Warbler at my feeder?"

"I first suspected another warbler species that is sometimes seen in winter at feeders, but this person really did her homework with a field guide," Janet said. "She studied the markings, and knew that it had a distinct yellow patch on the throat and dark gray 'chevrons,' as she described them, down its white sides below the wings."

She said the bird has been coming and going near the home since October.

"Many birders would be excited to see this bird in the winter in Connecticut," Janet said. "She said it's hanging out with all of her other birds, and comes regularly to her feeders about every 20 mins all day long, particularly to the suet."

Janet said she's glad the customer came in and said something.

"There are people who make January a target month to see as many birds in Connecticut as possible. They will certainly want to add this to their lists.  She has graciously agreed to allow people to come to her property and see the bird," Janet said.

To find out more, stop by and see Janet or Jerry at the shop at 907 Boston Post Road in Madison.


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