Thanksgiving Leftovers: What Do You Do With Them?

Share your best recipes for the day after.


Dinner’s done and the only thing more stuffed than the bird is you. Now the question becomes: What to do with all those leftovers?

While many say simple reheating is all that’s necessary to have a “day after” feast, others have elaborate recipes for turning Thanksgiving leftovers into gourmet delights.

From savory turkey soups to sinfully delicious pot pies and mile-high sandwiches, everyone has their own ideas on what to do with what’s leftover. The Food Network even has an entire recipe collection dedicated to the topic.

We’d prefer to hear from you!

What are your favorite Thanksgiving leftover recipes? Share them in the comments section orupload them as an announcement.

Barbara Liston November 24, 2012 at 04:23 PM
We love a turkey shepard's pie frozen until a snowy day in January or February. This is probably nothing new to many cooks and easily adapted to whatever leftovers there may be. I've found keeping each layer moist going in with either gravy or butter assures a great outcome. I start with a buttered deep dish pie plate, press in a layer of stuffing, up the sides too for the ''crust'', then layer cranb sauce thinly, sliced turkey, drizzle gravy or roux, sweet potatoes, succatash [corn/limas], drizzle butter, green beans, maybe a drizzle more gravy, topped with reheated rewhipped white potatoes and snipped chives. Cover with plastic, then foil, then freezer bag and freeze. To serve unwrap completely, put foil back, place on baking sheet in 400 oven, for 40 mins., uncover 40 add'l mins. Its Thanksgiving again sans alot of work! This year we're making a few smaller ones too. Hope this helps :)


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