Sold! Ridgewood Avenue, Shorelands Road, Wall Street, Harbor Avenue And More

Property transfers as recorded in town hall in December.


69 Soundview Ave. from Rita Amaio, Madison, CT and Kathleen Anne Logiodice, Madison CT to Robert Stefanowski, Madison, CT for $1,300,000.


4 Hillside Place, from Brenda B. James Revocable Inter-Vitro Trust and Paul C. James Inter-Vitro Trust, Madison CT to Nicole M. Papas, Madison, CT for $1,462,000.


714 Green Hill Road from Frederick C. Muzer (no town given) to Christopher B. Chimento, Madison, CT for $256,000.


33 Parker Avenue from Martin Lefkowitch, trustee, Miami Beach, FL to John A. Babiarz (no town given) $1,600,000.


26 Wildcat Road from Wildcat Rebuilt LLC, Plantsville CT to Jean L. McCandlish, Madison, CT for $395,000.


73 Soundview Avenue from Robert Stenanowski, Madison, CT to Rita Amaio and Kathleen Logiodice Madison CT for $,1800,000.


52 Forest Hills Drive from Laurie A. Rankin to Mark J. and Amy T. Steffen, Madison Ct for $530,000.


25 Harbor Avenue from Joan A. Hooper, Pennsylvania to ZFI Group LLC, Branford CT for $325,000


32 Ridgewood Avenue from the Matthies Limited Liability Company, Milford CT to Christian J. Becker, NY, NY for $445,000.


94 Shorelands Road from Ida J. Etherington, Madison CT to Amy R. Etherington and David Medel for $1,282,122.00.


43 Wall Street from 123 RMR LLC, Clinton CT to Oasis Management Inc, Madison CT for $1,200,000.


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