Madison Property Transfers

As Recorded In Town Hall

3/24/2011: 80 River Edge Farms Road, Lot 12. Mark A. and Patricia W. Boudreau, 15 Grove Ave., Madison, CT to Mark and Jennifer Egidio, 131 Middle Beach Road, Madison, CT. $554,500.


3/28/2011: 193 Hunters Trail. Stephen C. Wallack, 193 Hunters Trail, Madison, CT to Elizabeth M. Vaz-Wallack, 193 Hunters Trail, Madison, CT. Quitclaim.


3/30/2011: 314 Summer Hill Road. Darrell R. Brake, 400 Summer Hill Road and Nanci E. Brake, 400 Summer Hill Road, Madison, CT to Irena Butarich, 314 Summer Hill Road, Madison, CT. $539,000.


3/30/2011: 717 Opening Hill Road. Judith M. Robinson, PO Box 232, Hopkinton, RI and Michael Robinson, PO Box 2, Madison, CT to Amber R. Bates, 717 Opening Hill Road, Madison, CT. $255,000.


3/30/2011: Community Well Site, Green Springs Subdivision. Green Springs Water Co. 47 Green Springs Drive, Madison, CT to The Connecticut Water Co., 93 West Main Street, Clinton, CT. Warranty.


3/30/2011: 13 Overlook Drive. Kristen McFarland, 4220 Crescent Drive, Flower Mound TX, and Timothy W. Crowley, PO Box 1089, Madison, CT to Paul W. and Kathleen M. Bednarczyk, 13 Overlook Drive, Madison, CT $440,000.


3/31/2011: 146 Overlook Road. Elaine R. Mitchell, 146 Overlook Road, Madison, CT to Elaine R. and Gregory W. Mitchell, 146 Overlook Road, Madison, CT. Quitclaim.


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