Cleanup Phase Of Blizzard 2013 Recovery Continues, First Selectman Says

"Unless something unexpected happens, this will be my last call to you on this event. I thank you for your patience as we worked through the power and snow problems from this historic blizzard."


Good afternoon.  This is your First Selectman Fillmore McPherson with update 6 on the Blizzard of 2013, this Wednesday, February 13.   You may be interested to know that the official analysis now shows that this storm dropped more snow than the legendary blizzard of ’78.  It is second only to the blizzard of 1888, which, of course, none of us remember.

The snow recovery continues.  As reported yesterday, all roads are accessible so that people can get in and out.  We are continuing with the cleanup phase where we will widen the path to the full road width, starting with the main roads and then moving to side streets.  We will clear intersections, including improving the sight lines for people making turns.    We have asked the state DOT to do the same for Routes 1, 79, 80, and the Hammonasset Connector for which they are responsible.  We expect these activities to take the rest of the week.

The latest forecast for tonight calls for about an inch of new snow.  This should pose no new problems for us.

In other news, don’t forget the Budget Public Hearing tonight at 6 at Town Hall.  This event was postponed from Monday night.

Regarding schools tomorrow, the Superintendent has announced that schools will be open, but with a 90 minute delay.

Unless something unexpected happens, this will be my last call to you on this event.  I thank you for your patience as we worked through the power and snow problems from this historic blizzard. 

Thank you and drive safely.

Resident since 1967 February 14, 2013 at 01:20 AM
I sympathize with the many people who posted in earlier articles on being ignored by Madison DPW during the storm. Yes the storm totals were unprecedented, yes the manpwoer and equipment was taxed to the breaking point and yes perhaps on occasion we residents may expect too much from government at times. While most storms DPW does a good job with snow removal, this time they failed. While the challenges were difficult and real the upbeat happy talk from Mr. McPherson's sometimes received reverse 911 message was misleading and failed to diectly address citizen's concerns with plain speak expectation and solutions to their problems. My street was snow bound until Saturday midnight when one pass with a payloader was made creating a path not much better than a Conestoga wagon trail. Not once since then was a DPW truck seen again to clear or widen the stgreet. Our neighborhood in general, Steve Funk and Walter Lipman in particular utilized their own equipment to open up our snowbound elderly neighbors driveways and then pushed back much of the street snow pack that had been ignored by DPW to make the street passable. While I can't fire DPW for their inactions during the storm, my friends, family and neighbors can certainly make our voices heard and cast our vote this November to replace Mr. Mc Pherson. Consider it done.


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