Heaven/Who Goes and for How Long?

Death is transitory. And everyone transitions in the same place.

And because we are, somehow, better than they, we get to go to heaven and they don’t. Christians will tell you outright that they believe that.

Neale Donald Walsch

This is SIMPLY what NDS says.  I’m not agreeing or disagreeing with the statement, except to say I’ve heard the same sentiment echoed in some quarters as well.  Whether we agree or not, that sentiment is out there.

Maybe it’s true that Christians go to Heaven.  But does that mean all other religions are left out?  Excluded?  Do you now understand why I feel Religion is exclusionary?  This is the PERFECT example.

Why does one movement, one organization have providence over another?
What right does Christianity have to say:
Yes Christians go to Heaven.  And to further subjugate, to further exclude, not even all Christians get into Heaven.  If that’s the case, then which Christians get in and which do not?

Yes I believe we ALL go somewhere after transitioning  In fact I’ll go further and say I believe we all go to the same place regardless of faith.  I know I’m hooked on Michael Newton’s Journey of Souls.  That’s only because I particularly resonate with that theme.  While I sincerely and wholeheartedly believe Heaven does indeed exist as a waystation, a place of transitioning, a place of rest for the weary souls who have sloughed the physical.  I don’t know whether Heaven is a long term eternal home for most of us.  I may be in the Christian Minority with that worldview.

I believe everyone who transitions goes to the same place regardless of faith, worldview or belief system after we pass.  Can you imagine the challenge one would face if everyone who transitioned went somewhere different?  That would be quite the logjam wouldn’t it now?

–How would we be able to find our soul groups (Those people we incarnate and reincarnate with time and again?)
–How would we travel through time and space together if we didn’t all end up in the same transitory way station.
–How is it that when we have Near Death Experiences, we all share the same vision?

If each worldview went somewhere different, wouldn’t we experience that place and not the tunnel?  And not the congregation of souls of those we knew in our lifetime?

Taking all of this into account, it only stands to reason for me, for my paradigm, for my worldview, that we do indeed all transition to the same place.

There is no discrimination.
There is no exclusion.

A transitory waystation?

Much like we all communicate to the same God, we all transition in the same place.

What do you believe?

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


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Heaven/Who Goes and For How Long 

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CCL October 19, 2012 at 02:35 AM
My feathers aren't ruffled at all. I welcome any opportunity to share the one and only truth. Read the holy scripture of the New Testament. Learn it, live it. Those who claim to be Christian but don't stand firm and follow what Jesus taught will be sorely mistaken. I guess we will all see on Judgement Day who is right and who is wrong. Good luck with that.
Lisa October 19, 2012 at 01:12 PM
Hey Chris, Thanks for an interesting article. I think it and some of the responses you received speak to the greater question of whether you believe in God as Love, Forgiveness, Peace and Acceptance or as a vengeful and judgmental figure who uses fear as a form of control and exclusion. I believe it is a fundamental question that influences how you experience the world. I'm looking forward to your next article!
CCL October 19, 2012 at 03:40 PM
And He will place the sheep on his right, but the goats on the left. Matthew 25:33 He is the final judge. LISA - God does LOVE us more than we could ever fathom, but there are rules - just as a parent gives rules to their child out of love. If we repent, we receive FORGIVENESS, as much as we forgive others. There will be PEACE when He comes again in glory, in His Heavenly Kingdom. His ACCEPTANCE that man is inherently evil is so great, He gave us the way out. It's way easier for people to not believe this because they don't want to answer for their behavior. He is not VENGEFUL, He is just. By right, He is JUDGMENTAL - He created us and blesses us with each day, and grants us the gift of salvation. We should FEAR Him in order to keep ourselves righteous. There will only be EXCLUSION for those who don't follow His word. What would be the incentive to be righteous if everyone was included in the reward? The greatest experience of this world is by those who put God first and are always available to do His will. He can teach you everything if only you would read & understand the Bible. Do you want to be a sheep or a goat?
Purple Dad October 25, 2012 at 03:46 PM
CCL..Your comments prove one thing. People who believe in any religion as the ultimate truth, allowing no other beliefs, will never be able to be truly involved in this kind of discussion. Your strict adherence to the Bible does not allow you to be open to anything other than what the Bible says or teaches. That would be against your religion to think anything other than what you are told. It seems that you are comfortable being a sheep and not open to an intelligent conversation that doesn't fit your interpretations. I think Chris is trying to make a point that this one belief fits all is no longer relevant in 2012.
CCL October 25, 2012 at 05:39 PM
Purple Dad - This is not a discussion it is an attempt of people trying to claim they know better than God. Only He knows. Accept it and move on. I am very comfortable with being the Biblical definition of a sheep since that is the ultimate reward. I am open to intelligent conversation when I hear it, and I have not heard any here. It's not my interpretation, it is the truth. The only reason It is not 'relevant in 2012' is because human free will is dominating over righteousness and wickedness is running rampant...just look around at the state of the world we are living in. It is the End Times and God our Father, Christ our Savior, and the Bible is truly the only answer. Instead of wasting your time defending pointless articles like this, read about what I am saying.


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