What's In Fashion In Downtown Madison

New Madison boutique caters to plus size women.

When Jill Lufsey was a little girl, her parents built a house with a very unusual feature at the time: a kitchen island. She would arrange her dolls and stuffed animals on it and play shopkeeper.  Even then, Lufsey knew that her calling was in retail.  After 45 years in the business, she realized her dream of owning her own store with the creation of Attitude Plus, a new plus size boutique located in downtown Madison at 129 Samson Rock Drive. 


Lufsey and her husband Tom opened Attitude Plus in Madison because as a resident she’s always preferred to shop in town to support local stores.  Her inspiration for establishing a plus size exclusive boutique was born out of good business sense, and a desire to deliver excellent customer service.  “There wasn’t a lot out there in plus size.  I was always amazed that there weren’t any other plus size boutiques!”  While there are plus size stores like Lane Bryant or department stores with plus size sections, Lufsey hasn’t seen a boutique specializing in this particular demographic.  In fact, she recalled one of her employers, a very large retail clothing company, who offered a separate plus size line.  “The clothing was dowdy and there was nothing fashionable about it.” 


Customers can expect a unique and personal shopping experience at Attitude Plus.    “When a customer walks through the door, I make them feel like they’re in my living room.  It’s important to make them feel comfortable.”  Lufsey offers her knowledge, expertise and truthfulness to help customers find their perfect look.  “When I find something I like, I feel good in it.  I have a good attitude.  That’s where the name of my boutique comes from.” 


Lufsey carries casual separates, dresses for day or night, winter coats and evening pieces that are perfect for the holidays in luxe shimmery fabrics.  Customers can also find colorful, bold jewelry by Charlotte Meyer and a collection of playful,reptile patterned handbags to compliment any style.  In the spring, she plans to carry formal wear just in time for wedding season.  Lufsey really enjoys hearing feedback from customers, listening to what they want, and trying to find it for them.  “ I never lose sight that it’s the customer I’m trying to please.” 


Lufsey has worked in retail since she was 18 years old and has helped countless customers along the way.  “I’ve always loved retail, and I think that everyone is beautiful no matter what size you wear.”  Looking at all of the beautiful clothing in her boutique, she exclaims, “This is fashion, and it happens to be in the size range of a plus size woman.” 










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