Scranton Seahorse Inn <3 Veterans

And to show just how much they love veterans, they are offering ALL of their rooms on Veteran's Day, Nov. 12th, free to veterans.


Scranton Seahorse Inn appreciates our veterans. How much? Here's how much ... From the Scranton Seahorse Inn website:

Veteran’s Day is November 12th and we’ve got all of our rooms blocked on Sunday night for veterans only.

It would be an honor for us to extend the courtesy of a free room on Sunday night and then, on Veteran’s Day, have the breakfast room filled with a collection of America’s heros.

Spread the word to any veteran you know that deserves a night away and have them call us.

And to my friends Josh Curry, Ron LeFebvre, Jerrod Sutcliffe, Ben Rogers, Vincent Carucci, and Shane Hobart I salute you every day but especially on this day – Veteran’s Day.

Please call 203.245.0550 to reserve a room for yourself and a guest.


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