Ready For A Fresh Start In 2014? Belly Up To The Bar At Savvy Tea Saturday

"We're talking "The Tea Lifestyle", and how tea can be the catalyst that stimulates you to a healthy and fit condition that will improve your quality of life." Please call to reserve a spot.

From Savvy Tea: 

Savvy Tea Gourmet

Tea Tasting This Saturday, 1/11/14! Reserve...203-318-8666 

It's Time for Tea!

      Join us for...

              ..."Fresh Start!"...

Ready to "Turn the page"?...to welcome in 2014 like you've never welcomed a year before???

Belly-up to the Savvy Tea Bar, and let's get serious!

We're talking "The Tea Lifestyle", and how tea can be the catalyst that stimulates you to a healthy and fit condition that will improve your quality of life. 

Through enjoyment and appreciation of aromas, flavors & cultures of the tea growing lands, to ingesting anti-oxidants & nutrients, your tea journey will lead you to a new, enriched and happier you...not only in 2014, but for the rest of your life.

Come to our tasting on 1/11/14 to learn how different tea types offer  not only nuanced gastronomic pleasure & stimulation, but how tea is a "Full Body Tonic", that will "spill-over" into many aspects of your life in a very positive way. 

The Savvy Tea Lifestyle recipe consists of:

  • attention to diet & calories
  • regular exercise
  • drinking tea...   

 This tasting will cover the full spectrum of tea types from White to Black and everything in between, highlighting both the wondrous range of aromas & flavors, but the advantages of the tea types for those that enjoy them.

The range of teas that will be tasted in this tasting make it ideal for anyone wishing to appreciate & understand artisan teas as well as those that wish to advance their tea experience to a new level.   

Take the next step in being all you want to be by learning about the wonders of Artisan Teas...  

Tasting Schedule:

Below please find our Tea Tasting Schedule for the next three months. We continue to update and enhance the tastings to deliver a quality, informative experience for those attending.

This tasting schedule is packed with fascinating tea topics that will peak your interest and broaden your tea knowledge and pleasure.

Many of the topics below take tea to a realm that most tea drinkers are not even aware of.

Please join us for a memorable experience.

  • 1/11/14- "Fresh Start!" 
  • 1/18-The Teas of Africa 
  • 1/25-Understanding Tea 
  • 2/1-Teas of The British Empire
  • 2/8-Natural Remedies from Nature's Apothecary 
  • 2/15-Boosting Your Immune System with Tea 
  • 2/22-Teas of The Tea Horse Road
  • 3/1-The Oolongs of China, Taiwan, & Beyond
  • 3/8-Black Teas, Flavorful & Healthy



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