On Being Beautiful Inside And Out

Whether it's picking out just the right dress, or figuring out the right thing to say in a difficult situation, such as when a loved one has cancer, Madison's Ann Nyberg has some options for you at her Annie Mame boutique in Westbrook. Check these out ...


While on Facebook recently, I saw these pictures of some gorgeous dresses being sold at Ann Nyberg's boutique and speciality shop, Annie Mame, at 433 Boston Post Road, Westbrook, CT. You know Ann, not only is she the longest serving news anchor at WTNH-TV in New Haven, she is a Madison resident, and .

I asked if I could share the photos of the dresses on Patch, made by Jimmy Johansmeyer of West Haven, to let people know. She said sure. Here's the post on that with more information.

Ann then asked if we could let folks know about another special item she and Francine are selling in their store.

And Cards for Carol, too

"You can also do 'Cards for Carol' that I am carrying at Annie Mame," she said. "They were developed by my sister, Carol and her collaborator here in Connecticut by the name of Anna Rubino Whitaker."

Cards for Carol are cards designed for people who have cancer.

My mother died after suffering from cancer, and, like most people, I have had more than a few friends who have suffered from it. Some have recovered. Some have not. I was intrigued by the idea of the cards. I know how hard it can be to say just the right thing when you find out someone has cancer. Honestly, I have never found a card that even comes close to expressing the appropriate mix of sympathy and rage that sets in when someone you love is attacked by a deadly disease.

Too true

So, with a degree of skepticism, I checked out Cards For Carol.

One said "what do Cancer and (a picture of a vacuum cleaner here) have in common?" The response on the inside of the card: "They both suck."

How true.

There are others that are appropriate for parents, siblings, and, heaven forbid, even your children. There is one that is appropriate for physicians.


Beautiful inside and out

So, yes, if you're out and about shopping, whether this weekend or anytime soon, you might want to stop by Annie Mame. The dresses could make anyone look beautiful. I hope you never need the cards. But, if you do, having a way to say just the right thing will make you feel good inside as well.

Directions To Annie Mame

Annie Mame is located within the beautiful walls of Venetucci Home in Westbrook, Connecticut. The boutique is nestled in with more than a dozen other shops. You will find us between Pilot’s Point Marina and Bill’s Seafood right along Route 1. Here is the Google Earth shot where you can see the nearby marina.

The address is:  433 Boston Post Road, Westbrook, CT  06498

Phone number : (860) 399-6477



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