North Cove Outfitters Is Closing

The Old Saybrook sporting goods store will close its doors for good within six to 10 weeks


North Cove Outfitters, located on Main Street in Old Saybrook, will close for good, The Day reports.

According to the article, the sporting goods store, which opened 24 years ago, plans to close up in six to ten weeks. A liquidation sale began on Saturday.

Between the economy, warmer weather and a slow Christmas season, the store faced some tough times.

"When people are in a crunch, they make decisions about their disposable income, and something like a kayak, which would be fun to have, is not necessarily what they would choose to spend their money on," store co-founder Ed Carney said in the article.

Norman Cavallaro, Carney's longtime friend and store co-owner, told The Day that "for the most part, 2011 was a Christmas that never was."

"You bring in goods based on what you've sold in the past and what you think you can sell, and then it's 60 degrees all month long and people are wearing shorts and sandals and they don't need winter coats and parkas and sweaters and all of that. That really was a very, very large part of that decision."



Joel Stander February 23, 2012 at 12:23 PM
Sad ...small local retailing is a tough challenge,. As much as the community relies on you, the retailer, for Charitable donations and sponsorship, we retailers rely on the local consumer for support . Don't forget to support local retailers. We are as vital to the community as you are.
Jil Lewitus Sinon February 24, 2012 at 10:31 AM
So sad to see you go. North Cove was a favorite "splurge" of mine when we lived in Madison.
Vindaloo March 02, 2012 at 04:36 PM
Thank you Joel. I'm also a local retailer. Your point is very important. Our store donates many goods and services to our town, and we're very happy to do it. I consider it a very important part of our business. As I read peoples coments about how they would miss going in there and trying stuff out and learning things from the staff, I heard very little about people who actually bought their gear there. Along with the poor economic situation, the internet has hurt brick and mortar stores. People will go into stores and request information and advice, then leave and buy the item online. Soon, there will be few local businesses to seek advice, services and donations.
andy barnhouse March 13, 2012 at 06:51 PM
I have a different story to tell. My wife and her sister hand make a number of wool items. This company ordered $300 worth of their goods and now have not paid for them. We had never done business with them before.they took our goods, sold them and never paid us..this money will come out of our pockets..


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