Stop & Shop, Nick's Place, Madison Wine Shop Open ("For Anyone Within Walking Distance Or With Sled Dogs")

R. J. Julia was closed Saturday, but plans to open Sunday. What else is open? Let us know ...


The downtown restaurant and retail district has power and merchants are beginning to open as a historic winter storm, one that dumped more than 32 inches of snow and ice in Madison, winds down. 

Gov. Dannel Malloy has ordered all roads closed, and town crews are working hard to keep people safe and clear the roads, so no driving yet and that the driving ban will be in effect for most of today. The National Weather Service also has recommended no driving, and says that wind and blowing snow are going to continue through about mid-day. 

But, in a sign of a return to normality, the Madison Wine Shop at 734 Boston Post Road opened early Saturday morning, says Malcolm Nicholls. 

"The Madison Wine Shop is open (for anyone within walking distance or who has sled dogs)!" Nicholls said. 

In the west end of town, Nick's Place at 200 Boston Post road was open as of 11 a.m. Saturday, Brie Lepore reported on Facebook: "Nick's Place is open and serving at the moment. If you can make it safely come on down. Call to see if we are open later 203-245-0433."

In downtown Madison, Nicholls said "it looks like Cumberland farms is open. Nothing else that I can see [as of 10 a.m.] A few walkers, fire and police activity near firehouse. Lots of plows going past and occasional CL&P trucks. We've had a couple customers."

A recording at R. J. Julia Booksellers says the store will be closed Saturday, but open Sunday. 

Stop & Shop was open Saturday night and planned to be open for normal business hours on Sunday, from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. 

What else is open in town? Let us know in the comments. 

At Madison Wine Shop, there will be wine tastings today and a wine discount: 15% off case of 12, 10% off 6. Craft beer 10% off case, 30 packs domestic beer 5% off. 

And, from the Madison Wine Shop, here is a recipe for a hot toddy: 

  • 1oz brandy, whiskey, or rum
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • 1/4 lemon
  • 1 cup hot water
  • Tea bag
  • Cinnamon stick

Coat bottom of cup with honey. Add 1 oz desired liquor and juice of lemon. Make tea separately and combine once brewed. Garnish with lemon slice and cinnamon stick. 


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