Guilford Art Center has a Gift for Everyone

Looking for a great gift this Holiday season? The Guilford Art Center offers a great selection of items for just about everyone you know!


If you're like me, you've save a lot of your holiday shopping for this week... and this weekend.

But if you've waited to last minute, you do NOT have to settle for just any gift. Just head to Guilford Art Center off and you will find the perfect gift for anyone you're shopping for. 

All of GAC's items are handmade in the USA, and their goal is to support homemade work. They carry everything from blown glass, to fibers to pottery pieces. Over 80 jewelers from across the country are represented, and about 300 artists in all have products on GAC's shelves.

All of the pieces are one of kind, so you will be able to give a truly unique gift. And they will even wrap it up for you!

Where is your go-to spot when you're out shopping? Tell us in the comments.


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