Downtown Madison's Soccer and Rugby Imports has Everything for Soccer Fans on Your Holiday List

International team shirts, high-end cleats, socks, kneepads, balls and bags — they have it all.


If you live in Madison and have any children on your holiday shopping list, chances are they play soccer and follow it passionately!

Now you need only go as far as downtown Madison to buy just the right gift for them. Soccer and Rugby Imports has everything and anything to make your favorite soccer fan happy. While not as popular in this area, about 10% of the store is dedicated to rugby. 

“We have what no other retailer has, as far as soccer goes,” said Manager Josh Krusewski. “Not high-end from the standpoint of it’s costly, but it certainly isn’t what a Champs would bring in to target their audience.”

While the store carries high-end items, including many of the international team shirts and a wide variety of high-end cleats, it also has socks, kneepads, shin guards, balls, field equipment and accessories and bags.

What really sets Soccer and Rugby Imports apart from other sports’ retailers is their stock of replica jerseys of countries and club teams around the world. To make them really special Krusewski says they can specialize each shirt with the name and number of a player in the authentic print that appears on the jerseys of the players on television.

“It is what it is, these are the authentic jerseys that are on TV,” said Krusewski. “I think any soccer person that is passionate about it knows that when they see the product.”

Most popular jerseys are those of Cristiano Ronaldo, the captain of the Portuguese national team and Lionel Messi, the captain of the Argentinean national team. These shirts have gained popularity, said Krusewski, since soccer has become such a widely televised sport. “There is a huge following of what games are televised,” he said.

In addition, one whole wall of the store is dedicated to cleats. From the $250 cleat to the $25 model, they have plenty to choose from. “There have been a few lines of our higher end cleats that we’ve sold out of after having them in for a couple of weeks,” said Krusewski.

Krusewski is proud to say that both he and his Retail Assistant Manager John Creem are as passionate about the sport as their customers. They have played soccer, coach soccer and are “soccer people.”

“We pride ourselves on that we are a soccer specialty,” said Krusewski. “We may not always know every single spec about a cleat, but we certainly can help from a soccer standpoint.”


Soccer and Rugby Imports

154 Sampson Rock Road




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