Foxglove & Madison Cheese Settled In To New Location Across From Stop & Shop Parking Lot (With Video)

Emphasis Remains On Great Cheeses From Around The World; Additional Gourmet Items Being Added; Bath And Body Products Still Available Along With Gift Baskets; And Don't Forget The Grilled Cheese Sandwiches And Soup To Go

If you want to find out about a cheese that’s been revered since the time of Cicero or if you’re just looking for something fun with which to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, you’re going to want to stop by Foxglove & Madison Cheese.

 But where is it?

 Good question. It’s no longer in the alleyway across from Ashley’s Ice Cream. Foxglove & Madison Cheese is now happily settled around the corner in its new home at 119 Samson Rock Drive, across from the Stop & Shop parking lot.

New sign will go up soon

 “Some of my old customers have been going over to the old location, then they have wander over here,” says Fawn Nebinger, the store owner and a resident of Madison. “We might be losing some of the foot traffic but I think in the long run I’ll pick up more people who are finding me for the first time as they pull out of Stop & Shop.”

 The big sign on the new location still says Shoreline Aesthetic Care, which was the name of the last business to occupy that space. Nebinger is in the final stages of developing her new sign, which should go up soon. In the meantime, huge posters in the store window proclaim that the store is open and ready for business.

 Fawn’s beloved collection of fine cheeses is proudly displayed in a glass-front case in the front of the store. Shelves around the corner display a wide variety of reasonably priced gourmet food. Tucked in the back is an extensive collection of bath and body goods. And Fawn now has what she’s always wanted, a dedicated counter where she can assemble and wrap gift baskets, which can be delivered at the customer’s request for a $10 delivery fee.

 Nebinger says the gift baskets are the part of the business she wants to develop.

Gift baskets and grilled cheese sandwiches to go

 “I’ve had a lot more orders for gift baskets lately. I’ve had orders for birthday gifts, and sympathy gifts, and yesterday I had a realtor order one for someone who just bought a house. Nebinger said just about anything from the store can be included in the baskets. A bottle of wine can be included too, if the customer would like to bring one in, or order one from a local liquor store.

 Nebinger is still offering a wide range of grilled cheese sandwiches. The selections range from the Mickey Mouse (American cheese on white bread) to the Cotswald (creamy double Gloucester cheddar with onion and chive.) She also is offering homemade soups, both hot and ready to eat, and in two different sizes for takeout.

 After she moved to her new location, Nebinger decided the store’s name should be Foxglove & Madison Cheese, since she offers a wide range of items in addition to the cheese. She said she hopes to expand the gourmet food selection over time and to offer fresh bread, from three different bakeries, on a weekday as well as on the weekend.

Special cheeses offered seasonally; St. Patrick's Day specials coming up soon

 In addition to her rotating selection of cheeses--which might include Quickes English Farmhouse, Perla Grigia, Tilsit, Epoisse and Taleggio (an uncooked soft cheese with historical origins reputedly going back to the days of Cicero)--Nebinger also brings in special cheeses seasonally. For example, for St. Patrick’s Day, she hopes to stock an Irish blue cheese, a vintage Irish cheddar, an Irish cheddar with stout, and an Irish cheddar with whiskey.

 She also says her grilled cheese sandwiches are an ideal meatless selection for anyone observing Lent. “One of my customers pointed that out to me the other day,” she said. “ I always thought of Lent in terms of serving fish, but she’s right, a grilled cheese sandwich works as well.”  

 The hours for Foxglove & Madison Cheese are Sunday 12 to 4 p.m., Monday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Tuesday closed (or open by chance), Wednesday-Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Nebinger is often open beyond her posted hours. If you’re running late, call and she’ll wait if possible. The phone number is 203-245-5158. The website is http://www.madisoncheeseetc.com/


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