Everthine Bridal Boutique Opens in Madison

Romance is in the air in downtown Madison.


Ever Thine, Ever Mine, Ever Ours ... these poetic words of true love were written first by Ludwig van Beethoven and then made ever famous recently by Carrie Bradshaw in the film Sex and the City.

As a diehard fan of the series and subsequent films , Chelsea Jacob Tyler knew exactly what to call her new, ultra romantic  bridal boutique in downtown Madison.  Everthine opened a little over a month ago in a quaint, historic red house on the corner of Bradley and Wall Streets.  “Everthine caters to the unique, modern bride who wants the small, intimate experience.”

How does a young woman from the world of New York fashion land in a quiet, suburban town like Madison?  It all started with a proposal ... of marriage.

“When I got engaged, I started the “hunt” for the dress.  I found that there was a lack of non traditional options for the bride that didn’t want a stiff and pouf-like dress and wanted to be unique and one of a kind.”

Originally from Branford, Tyler graduated from Parsons School of Design and has worked with fashion houses such as French Connection, Nicole Fahri and Yves St. Laurent as well as providing private wardrobe styling for women.  In opening her own business, Tyler successfully combined her desire to stay in the fashion industry while providing a unique experience for the bride to be, like herself, while working close to home.

The journey of finding the perfect dress begins approximately 6-9 months before the wedding day.  For the initial visit to Everthine, you and your guests will gather in Tyler’s elegant sitting area filled with glamorous vintage charm, perhaps sipping a glass of Pellegrino, where the details of your special day will be discussed.  Then the fun really begins as Tyler pulls dresses from her gorgeous collection of gowns created by a variety of exclusive designers.  In fact, the wedding gowns Tyler features cannot be found at any other boutique in the state.  She wanted the dresses “to be really special, really one of a kind.”  “We make sure that the look of the dress compliments the venue as well as the entire design of the wedding.”  

Tyler described how today’s bride is really stepping out of the box and going for a more romantic, relaxed feel rather than over the top.  “Everything from mismatched bridesmaid’s dresses to wearing cowboy boots under her dress.”   Brides to be are also embracing lace sleeves inspired by Kate Middleton’s understated sophistication.  Tyler  emphasized the popularity of the strapless gown because today’s bride wants to feel “a little sexy on her wedding day”.   Other trends include birdcage veils that ring of Hollywood glamour.  

Tyler carries bridesmaid’s dresses created by Portland, Oregon designer Sara Seven  and plans to include an evening wear collection.  She also houses a very large collection of vintage jewels.  In addition, Tyler will offer the design services of  Sandra Goodkind, owner of Crowning Glory in Branford, who will create custom bridal pieces with heirloom jewelry.    

Tyler’s best advice for the modern bride to be?  “On the most important day of her life,  the bride is really the only person that should have a say in choosing her dress.  Keep the entourage small as this should be an intimate moment.   Lastly, have an open mind and try on every style and shape.  See what makes you feel the most beautiful.” 

Everthine’s Grand Opening Holiday Soiree will be on Saturday, December 3rd., and will feature local vendors who offer wedding services and expertise for the bride to be.  For more information, visit Everthine’s website at: www.shopeverthine.com or to make an appointment contact Chelsea Jacob Tyler at 203-421-6222. 


















eileen banisch November 22, 2011 at 10:45 PM
Everthine is a wonderful addition to Madison!


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